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    After purchasing a never been used burton omen (yes unused for the last 10 years+) I put my voile gear off my DIY board onto but stuffed up the hooks and they are misaligned by circa 1-2mm. I cheated and took out the shim so the nut pushes the hooks together better but its not right

    Should I fill in the holes with epoxy and re-drill (with a drill press this time) in the pretty much the same place, at the expense of the holes being part epoxy around the edge
    Fill in the drill new holes at the expense of more holes

    Managed to get the pucks on the burton insert pattern so suit my stance without requiring the install of t-nuts and used the bolts off the original skins (had lost any glue years ago on my skin-tail straps so it fits in with the burton speed skin slots so bonus there


    Matt Wood
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    Fill and re drill. Use clear packing tape on the top sheet and fill from the bottom.

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    Try this?


    Adam West

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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