Forums Trip Reports Miracle May! Powder hounding Carson pass 5-8-15
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    May snow! Yea Ill take it. Gotta get it while the gettins good. Powder that is!
    The old yota loves the snow… Screw the snopark lets get creative with the approach

    Only in a Heep

    Gotta get safe

    skies were socked in on the skin up

    more safety meetings were needed

    then shit got weird

    Yours truly

    The skies started to clear as we made our way up. Snobro and I downclimbed off the peak into “the notch” and found supurb snow

    On our way out the skies cleared the temp rose and pow turned to mashed potatoes. Our timing was perfect!

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    Yeah dude, good to see you still on it Aaron! Sweet yota too!

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