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    the day started like so many. Lee dropped me an e mail the afternoon before. “late notice spearhead?” yeah sure sound about right. been procrastinating on school work and hot lapping the duffy, time to get out of that rut.

    the three of us meet up around 915 at the glacier lodge just after the lift line dies down. I have no real idea where we are going. I can count my days in the Whistler Blackcomb lifts on one hand and my times out on the greater spearhead on one finger, and that time was a near white out.

    This day we shared this route with another group of four. the boys remained just ahead of us for most of the day. I would be the only splitboarder. photos by lee lau and myself

    dropping off the Decker – Trorey Col. not enough vert to pack the poles away.

    Vince, Alex, Jeff, Graeme, I owe these guys beer for selflessly breaking track for us all day and telling good jokes on every pass.

    lee SE Pattison. you can see the curtain glacier in the back ground below the cat ears of macbeth. that is our goal, and from there out Russett ridge/ singing pass.

    the lead group below Tremor. we just cant catch them!

    getting a better view of the curtain glacier

    are we ski mountaineering yet? 😆

    the light get a little better approaching the curtain

    team Dps contemplating the Pemberton Icecap

    1200m of vert with open slots. put the poles away and shred

    pole dancer

    around 5pm we joined the lead group for the push up to Russett hut. Lee and I took over trail breaking duties. this photo is taken at 6pm and a longways to go. about the time I realized I forgot to pack my head lamp. this is going to be fun.

    from here is was a 2 hour long split ski out signing pass with out a head lamp! the best snow of the day skiing (yes skiing) off cowboy ridge to the signing pass trail in the near dark. :thumpsup:

    all seven of us made it to our cars safer and sound around 8pm :guinness:

    big thanks to Lee Lau for the day and the use of the photos.

    here is his take on things

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    Rad! Cool pics!

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    Nice one guys.

    Sounds like a rad day. Cool pics and well written report.

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