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    Summer and midnightsun trips are something special. Our goal was north side of the Storsteinnestinden at Kvaløya. We were also lucky with snow this time. We were at the top around 00:30am and skied down around 1:30am. Because of the warm weather around +10 Celsius degrees snow was soft, but sun effect at middle of the night was not too strong to make it rotten. Just perfect summer snow. Trip end up to be best summer skiing trip I have ever had.

    1:00 am
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    Beautiful photos and great place!!! :thumpsup:

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    Now that is just plain rad.
    I want to snowboard at 1am in alpenglow.

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    Very cool indeed….Stunning scenery and celestial uniqueness.

    that first pic is captivating. Glad I clicked.

    Thank you for the great photos!

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    Yes! Gorgeous eye candy. I want to shred in the midnight sun too!

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    Amazing Photos! :thatrocks:

    I wish Scotland was a little further north to get some better snow and more days of midnight sun…..
    Very rad. Thanks for sharing :clap:


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    Awesome photos, what killer lighting!

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    Dio es Mio. What beautiful scenery, colors, lighting, terrain, oceans, and stoke. Dream sequence for sure. :disco:

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    Wow, simply blissful–everything about those scenes. Thanks for sharing.


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    Thanks for positive feedback! :headbang: I hope all of you guys have change make midnightsun trip some day! It is special!
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    I agree with ale_capone…that first pic is incredible. That’d be so sweet to ride in those conditions.

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    Awesome Toke!

    If one wished to research plans for a 2-week skiing/boarding trip to Norway … any resources you recommend?
    Also, Doug Stoup / IceAx.TV has an annual boat trip to Spitsbergen that looks very interesting. I am thinking that now is the time to start saving money and planning for a 2 week trip to Norway in May or June!

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    Well best guiding you get from here:
    There from you can find best guides for Northern-Norway, Troms area. Ode and JJ have been snowboarding around Troms about 10000 years. You can also ask about heliskiing if you want to do that.

    If you plan to go with out guides, I can give you a lot of hints where to go and where not to. Im splitboarding here about 100 trips a year, so I know little about this place.

    Welcome to shred! :headbang:
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    bump for 2013. This is one of the most beautiful TRs ever posted here.

    Hopefully I get some just-as-beautiful midnight sun lighting when I am in Spitsbergen next week!

    And tonight I hope to find some of that light on Kvaloya if my gear arrives in time!

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