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    Mammoth to Yosemite
    5/2/06 – 5/6/06

    This tour is about 50 miles through some spectacular mountains. We left a car in the Mammoth parking lot and headed out the ridge towards Donahue pass. After camping the first night below Thousand Island Lakes we crossed Donahue and entered Yosemite. After a cold camp in Lyell canyon, we skinned to Tuolumne meadows. From there we followed the snow covered road to another camp at Olmstead point. The final day would have been much quicker and easier if we hadn’t dorked around looking for a crossing over Snow creek next time we’ll take the damn bridge.

    On the ridge looking out towards Donahue Pass in the distance.

    Skinning up towards Thousand Island lake.

    Climbing Donahue Pass

    Ptarmigan guarding the pass

    Lyell Canyon

    Looking back across Tenaya Lake at Tenaya Peak. Several large wet snow slides had come down across the road near Stately Pleasure Dome.

    Nice dry campsite at Olmstead Point. Not many rocks to anchor the tent, so we improvised.

    Just after reaching the dirt/snow line near Snow Creek. In case anyone is curious there is a bridge crossing. If we had know this it would have saved about three hours of stress and a sketchy stream crossing.

    Pretty decent views in the valley.

    The pizza in Curry village is lousy, but it sure tasted great.

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    Nice tour. Did you get any good descents on this tour or was it more about the tour?

    I want to get into Lyell canyon some day.

    Nice pic with half dome.

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    Yeah – how was the riding? Has anyone ever done a trans sierra crossing on a split before?

    Putting the poo in swimming pool since 1968.

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    Nice Job Dave, I know the distance and I must say…Way to Get ‘er done

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    This was definetely a tour. We averaged over 12 miles a day, so that didn’t leave too much time for peak baggin.

    The best descent we had was off Donahue Pass. It was mellow corn for a bit then steep turns with a marmot poking its head out of the snow checking us out. Honestly the most fun as far as down went was laughing at ourselves making turns on our splits in ski mode.

    I think many folks have crossed the Sierras on splits. I know the Sierra High Route has been done on a split. Burt and Zellers did a crossing through Yosemite that was written up in Couloir several years ago.

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    Great stuff Dave! 8)

    Now 15+ mile days will be a piece of cake. 😀

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    Looks like an awesome tour dave, hope everyone survived the lightning storm under the tent 🙂

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