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    Went up Surprise creek on highway 2 Monday to do some exploring since I might be moving very near the area soon. Had a good skin in that was more tour like for the first hour or so through big old trees. After that the two opposing mountain sides close in and leave you looking up at alot of nice cliffs and chutes on both sides… My goal for the day was this. it’s only about half visible… visibility and picture taking where both crap this day. I have pictuers of several simular lines along the drainage.

    and so I will ad a few..

    blah blah… great tour. april 7th knee deep powder, awesome run.. .. I had a aserious accident with my buddy. I don’t know exactly what happened, but I am pretty sure it was at teh very start of the run down before I had a chance to get ahead of him. He got his front leg caught under the edge of my board.

    trail side emergancy post op

    a good look at it at the car during rebandaging.. scalped right down to the muscle and tendons. Even had one tendon severed thorugh. It’s amazing he never showed any signs of even being injuerd the whole time. Didn’t really even give me any problems when I was doing the wrapping.

    Went through surgery last night. Doing fine and diggin the attention. Out for 2 months. I feel like such a dick.

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    Glad everything is OK. Don’t blame yourself…….

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    Bummer, I’ve seen and heard of this happening several times. At least it sounds like no permanent damage. There was a pretty good thread awhile back discussing dogs in the backcountry, definitely a risk you take to have man’s best friend out there. It kills me sometimes that I can’t take my dog out with me on the splitboard, she’s more of an x-c skiing dog now.

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    Bice Husky. I got two. A Red Male and a Black female. Dont be too hard on yourself. Its the same as hurting your kid paying baseball

    These things happen, Hope he heals soon ❗

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    Awww… such eyes he has! I hope he heals up quick and strong.

    Putting the poo in swimming pool since 1968.

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    Ale, from what I saw of you and Lucky on the one outing when I joined you he will rebound and make you try to keep up. It looks and sounds bad, but if he is already on the mend it will be not time before he is chasing you around again. Best wishes to you both.

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    Beautiful dog. Dont be hard on yourself. Im sure he will be OK. It could have been worse right? Now he knows to stay clear of you a bit. Ive heard they hit seeing eye dogs with cars on purpose to teach them an important lesson. Hope he recovers quickly.

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    Did the same thing to my Heelers paw when he was a pup…it was amazing how he let me do everything to fix him without even a flinch! Its like they know theyre hurt bad and they trust you enough to work on it.
    On the positive side hes a much better riding partner now, he usually stays about 3-5′ away at all times. 😆

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    Dakota got it this weekend

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    I know how you feel. I felt guilty doing the same thing to one of my Goldens several years ago when a snow mobile I did not see off to my left started up and startled the dog right into my path. Luckily it did not cut any tendons and he was back to hiking about 3 weeks later. Carrying a 60 pound dog while skiing was a new experience though.

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