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    So, check it.. after living in Minnesota for waaaaay too damn long. I want to start putting together a list of places to move. Keep in mind I do IT/Network/Security work for the Federal government.

    Hoikkado was a place I’ve thought of, but I don’t think the wife would be able to deal with that.

    Anyhoo… fire off some places where I’d be able to do my job, but be within 1-2 hours from zeeee mountains.

    Bozeman, Missoula, Kalispell have always peaked my interest. Due to being close to B.C. Canada…

    Any people in the tech field…fire off suggestions.

    Cheerz Mangz :clap: :bananas:

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    You should ask Bozeman_native fro suggestions as to where in Montana would be good.

    Really, I would choose Bozeman if I had too live there.

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    @ale_capone wrote:

    You should ask Bozeman_native fro suggestions as to where in Montana would be good.

    😆 😆 😆

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    ale beat me to it, but yeah….. BOZEMAN all the way.

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    Out@ale_capone wrote:

    You should ask Bozeman_native fro suggestions as to where in Montana would be good.

    Really, I would choose Bozeman if I had too live there.


    You should also look at Denver. As you’ve already got some of the gov’t clearances you could probably get a job with Lockheed out there pretty easily. A buddy of mine used to work out there and may know who to pass your resume to if you end up looking there.

    What about Vancouver BC?

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    Ale – too funny 😆 I can’t stop laughing (seriously, I’m dying here).

    Vancouver BC would be awesome if you could land a job and maybe a visa……….Bellvue and Seattle may also be possibilities, but you’d have to deal with the larger populations.

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    What about SLC?

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    Montana is the goods-since your computer savvy you can work anywhere-I’d check out Bozeman, Missoula, Whitefish or Red Lodge. Good Luck whatever you do, I was in the same boat 5 years ago.

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    I really appreciate the suggestions. I broke the news to the wifey last night (well she’s know this has been coming for a while) I plan to sell the house in a year (keep the cabin in the Boundary Waters hopefully) take off in a year 1/2 go to Europe for about 5 months… Do one last season in the Alps. Come home and relocate…. I’m mid 30’s, so I need to make the move while my body is still strong enough to do drops, and build booters! :headbang: After all I’m from MN, and that’s what we do well.

    Samh, Will, and Montucky…. we might be doing tons of rippin here in the near future. (besides in February)

    Cheerz Peeps

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    I work as a software engineer and went through this search in the early 90s. Really liked Bozeman, Jackson, and Bellingham, but they were too small for good work – maybe this has changed now. Larger cities like SLC, SEA, Denver, Reno, and Vancouver are all close enough to Mtns, but have the crowd factor. Ended up in Anchorage and love AK! Many mid-west transpants here, and plenty of IT work. Feds are probably the biggest employer here, so you should be able to xfer. Although with “uncle Ted” Stevens gone that may be changing.

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    bozeman_native will probably chime in, but my hubby and i are currently on a three week road trip from NH to WA and we stopped in bozeman, mizzou, etc. we’re in whitefish right now. bozeman is awesome, seems like the most “real” town. whitefish is rad but smaller and more touristy due to glacier NP. also closer to the awesome BC mountains though. and whitefish seems like a nice community and has some AWESOME local bars. might be tough to find work here though. kalispell has potential as well but its less of a mountain town. not sure if that helps. good luck!

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    Yeah, I’ve been hitting up found some really good opportunities in Missoula, Kalispell, and Bozeman….

    I’m hoping to make it a reality… but, I’ve got a line on a couple spots in Fort Collins, CO. It’s tough gettin into a different agency… after I get my GS 13 it will be easier…

    I think it will end up being MT though… lots of good places..

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