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    Looking for riding partners in the central california area,ride the China Peak area alot,but would like to try other areas,peace.

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    china peak just reported 20in. on their website. hope you are getting some good riding in up there! please post up some TR’s of that zone if you ever get out in the bC around there???

    once things melt out a little i might want to go check out a few westside spots in your area. will send a pm when it is closer to that time.

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    Will do,yeah it’s coming down thick!!

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    I’m a split newbee located in Fresno, looking for other interested splitboarders in cent. California. A little bit about me… I did my first backcountry trip this last summer up Mt. Shasta (boot pack with crampons and a solid board). A friend of mine who is an experienced mountaineer and backcountry skier took me up. I recently invested in my first split. I am currently doing some self educated avalanche safety reading and will, hopefully, soon be heading out to get an “in the field” avalanche class. I am also currently a practicing EMT. I would like to try to get a group of local spliters together and form a list. Maybe sit down over a cup of coffee and get to know each other. Figure out each others intentions, skill level and avalanche safety level. If this is something you might be interested in let me know.


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    haha i grew up riding there….
    lived in shaver lake….
    my grandpa wrote the history of sierra summit book if youve seen that…
    he also writes the sierra summit newsletter.

    ive hit up that butte that sits across the way i cant remember the name of, and a mountain we dubbed cherry peak…

    and that bald mountain that sits above shaver is good too…

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