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    Kahti Ryan
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    Hi all,
    So recently got a sweet deal on a Furburg freeride 160 and am planning on making it my new split.

    Just wondering how to locate where to drill for the voile hooks. My last DIY was a full camber, standard sidecut board so it was just a question of measuring back from the contact points. With the ‘burg I can’t see that working. What have others done? Or if anyone has a 161 factory split could you measure the distance from tip and tail down to the hooks for me?

    Also I remember reading Barrows put a carbon wall on the inside edge. If you read this Barrows how did you go about that? How many layers of carbon and how did you press it? Vacuum bag? I’ll probably just stick with the good ol’ urethane varnish for simplicity but I do like the idea of the carbon if it’s not too much hassle.


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    I just measured my freeride split 160. The hooks are 29cm from the tip and 25cm from the tail. Hope this helps. Good luck with the DIY.

    Kahti Ryan
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    Awesome thanks just what I needed!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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