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    has anybody of you given attention to liners when riding hard boots like TLT or Procline?

    I always had some problems in the last years with my liners and they were destroyed nearly every season. Now I tried out my old Deluxe Raceboot liners and I`m happy with them. They are much more cosy and due to the asymmetric tongue there are less pressure points. They are also adjustable when heated. HAs anybody tried similar liners?


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    Intuition pro tour, I am on Scarpa boots for years now, and they come with these. Have also purchased some replacement ones. They have a flex point on the rear, tour well ride well. comfey and warm.

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    Same pair of zip fits 3rd year in a row. La Sportiva siderals. Ride every weekend. I ride the park on these things. Season pass. No packout. Still feels the same as day 1 everytime . I tried intuitions the year before i got these. Zip fits are way better. If you have skinny heels and never want to deal with heel lift again, this is it.

    They are heavier than intuitions though. But the siderals are pretty light. And they do get cold if it’s under 30 but I have therm-ic boot heaters.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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