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    Curious about what we’re carrying for insulation.

    Feel free to reply outside poll with Brand, Make, typical weather where you live (warmer, wet or colder, dry climes)

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    been pretty happy with my FirstAscent microtherm down shirt – random googling found this review: – super crazy lightweight (and packs down to next to nothing)! They have a “sweater” version of it too, which is warmer (but also bulkier).

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    I’m using a MEC brand “uplink” jacket. Got it for a great price on clearance…things I love about the jacket: Super light, packs into its own pocket/stuff sack to a perfect little pillow, good skinning layer/not too warm. I use it as a base layer under my riding shell, and have gone out in -32c and below a few times and just simply never took off the shell. Wouldn’t say I would have wanted more insulation for even those kind of temps. It cuts wind very well by itself too – but not hugely breathable.

    I think down is awesome, and there are probably far “better” jackets out there, but for the price, the features and insulation level (i’d say its low compared to most, the jacket looks like a patagonia that got deflated) it works for me just fine. Plus with the primaloft i can just fire the thing straight in the wash with some other clothes – no need for any type of special treatment.

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    I have a Patagonia Nano-puff pullover which stuffs down to next to nothing. It lives in my pack as an extra layer in case of emergencies or a drastic change in the weather, because the thing is incredibly warm under a shell. I’m in Seattle, so temps are generally pretty mild, I’ve worn it up in BC during an Arctic front where it was -15C and been plenty comfortable with just a long-sleeved thermal under it and a shell over the top.

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    I love my Burton BK Insulator. I’ve never had another lightweight puffy to compare it to though. Its so warm that I can only wear it on the coldest days.,default,pd.html

    A friend of mine has the Patagonia Down Shirt. He likes it and it looks sweet. Packs down to nothing. Definitely not as warm at the BK though.

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    Stoic Down Luft scored off of SAC. Interior BC. Somedays wish I had a hood.

    That was Pontus

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    Cold days or overnights: RAB Infinity Endurance (down)
    Warmer days or short trips: Backpacking Light Cocoon Hoody (synth)


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    Mountain Designs Klien Jacket

    Dosent get too cold here in OZ, -20 degC

    Pertex Quantum© 15D lightweight nylon
    Fabric is breathable plus water, wind & snow resistant
    Down fill weight 130g
    Garment weight 500g Filled with a 90/10 Hungarian goose down, loft 800
    Stitched through construction to stabilise the down

    Adam West

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    Ems primaloft titan. good with a Dan merino base and shell from about -15 up to 30 with minor activity, then it sweats, for me anyway. Dries very quick. Good quality at a good price.

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    Pataguuch down sweater, and micro-puff hoody. Both awesome, but the hoody is more versatile.

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    I have 2.
    An OR down sweater and a Go-lite 800 down jacket. The Go-lite is the full deal. Hood and very puffy. But it is so light and stuffs to nothing. I have been choosing it a lot over the OR. The material is so thin it is almost see through. I put it on over my jacket for transitions, or digging pits, or just taking a break. If I get cold, I stay cold. Throwing it on over my shell is quick and easy. It keeps me cozy. When I am on the move I stuff it back in the pack.

    I always thought they were for city dwelling douche bags. But last year our Avalanche class teacher pointed out why they were awesome. He was right. :bow: I won’t tour without one of them. Even if it is warm out. You never know.

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    own and use several…all depends on the trip objective, location, weather, etc…

    down parka – Mountain Hardware Subzero SL

    mid-weight down hoody- Western Mountaineering Flash XR

    mid-weight synthetic jacket – Marmot T6

    light-weight synthetic pullover – Patagonia Nanopuff

    all have their time and place, there is no ‘one size fits all’ IMHO

    165 Venture Divide/Spark Frankenburners/La Sportiva Spantiks
    163W Jones Solution/Phantom Alphas/Dynafit TLT5s
    162 Furberg


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    I agree.

    I own down and synthetic, from big and hooded, to light vests.

    Is it goona rain, or be cooooold and dry? Over night or day trip? Needed, or just incase?
    Is anyone gonna be taking pictures?

    I mostly use a $20 down puffy vest I got from the EB outlet store. I like the old school michelin man look.

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    I am another fan of having several different options depending on the trip type , conditions, etc.

    For most day trips in moderate Tahoe conditions, I carry the Patagonia Nanopuff. It has a pretty amazing amount of warmth for its compactness and weight—-but I have certainly pushed it beyond it limits at times. It is an awesome midlayer when moderately active in cold conditions, using it as a warming layer during transitions, or hanging out in moderate conditions. Extended stops in cold to very cold conditions can leave me shivering. I have used the Patagonia Down sweater in similar conditions—it is a great layering piece that is warmer then the Nanopuff. However, the Nanopuff gives me the right amount of warmth most of the the time—and it has become my “go to” piece. The Arcteryx Atom LT looks like it has the same functionality as the Nanopuff but I jumped on the blaze orange Nanopuff when I was able to find it at a deep discount.

    For hut trips, snow camping, or colder conditions, I carry an Arcteryx Atom SV (synthetic 100 gram coreloft, hooded). It is just the right jacket when things get a bit more frigid and I am not being active. It can be used as a layering piece but I found it to be too warm for that function in the moderate temps we get in Tahoe. It is quite warm, pretty light, and compacts reasonably well—-but it doesn’t compact nearly as well as the Nanopuff or other ultralight pieces.

    I have gravitated towards synthetic pieces over the years—even though I have never had any problems with my down pieces. Maybe it is the idea that they are easier to care for. That said, when it is really cold, the giant Cloudveil down puffy comes out of hibernation.

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    I recently bought the cheapest one I could find.

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    Mountain Hardware hunkerdown

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    Western Mountaineering – Flight
    Rab – Microlight Alpline
    Montbell – UL
    Arc’teryx – Solo (synthetic) I use this jacket when it’s really wet or humid.


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    If you’re patient I would suggest waiting for Sierra Design’s new DriDown jackets. No joke and it’s quite amazing to see it demonstrated in person.

    christoph benells
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    small one inch baffles are all rage right now

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