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    I got my eyes on the 165, but I spied a 172 for quite a bit cheaper. I’m a 6′ fellow bouts 190ish…

    I mostly ride boards between 162(malolo) and a 164 Custom X…

    what says the peeps… is 172 too much length? Even though I’m looking at only about 3″ in difference.

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    I’ve got an 08 165 Mullet MTX but not btxed. I’m 200 dainty pounds and wish I’d gone for the 172. Have not had any trouble with the 165 just kinda feel like the 172 would have been even more fun. The setback is deep enough that i think I could whip the extra length around pretty easily.

    In soft snow they are extremely agile, as you might expect. On well groomed corduroy mine handles surpisingly well. Once the cord is scraped forget it. But again this board has some camber to it.

    If you do go for the 165 please let me know where I can find the 172. Unless you are riding extremely tight trees I’d say the 172.

    sndickinson “at”

    bones get broke
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    Get the 165 and be happy with the lighter stick. I recently bought a rockered NS Legacy 166 and that is my new favorite board. I’m 6’5″ and ~230# and that thing floats as well as my Venture Storm 181 in this light CO pow, only it weighs much less and is a twin so it’s much more nimble when things get tight and sketchy.

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    holy crap bones.. you’re one tall mf’er! NS, great company but just don’t like how their boards ride. I had a 164 legacy some years ago.

    Yeah, I’m leaning towards the 165, but damn what a good price for the 172…. I think the longest board I ever rode was a 168 canyon, and a 168 floater.

    bones get broke
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    I wasn’t really plugging NS I was plugging the rocker (lib calles it BTX). The lib an NS rocker designs are similar and allow for a shorter board with better floatation.

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    why are ya scared of a little length? buy it and try it…if it doesn’t work out you can resell it. If it’s a good deal, you shouldn’t have too much trouble getting most of your bucks back.


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    @inthemountains wrote:

    why are ya scared of a little length? buy it and try it…if it doesn’t work out you can resell it.

    Yea I know a guy that likes riding 170’s :bananas:

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    Can I just say that if you’re into longer boards then thats cool, but with some of the ‘new’ technologies kicking around these days it really is just wasted weight having a 170.

    Personally I’m a massive fan of Bataleons… Their triple base floats in powder way better than bannana.

    In February I rode waist deep in Austria for a few days straight (I love that Euros dont go off piste much) with a 157 Bataleon – my dimensions are 6ft and 95Kg (maybe 200lbs?)

    I dont know much about these mullets, except they are still the cut of choice for many bogan australians… but go the 165… or better get a 161 Bataleon!

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    @inthemountains wrote:

    why are ya scared of a little length?

    I say that to my wife all the time! Hai yo! :bananas:

    I’ll be sending the board to the Monk-O-riffic board slicing company. So…..

    You all make great points… I appreciate the input.

    affix snow
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    Been eyeing up the Mullet as well, as well as the NS’s….whatever you get, let us know your thoughts.

    I vote 165.

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    @splitrippin wrote:

    @inthemountains wrote:

    why are ya scared of a little length?

    I say that to my wife all the time! Hai yo! :bananas:

    🙂 yer welcome on the set up for that joke…ed mcmahon got nuthin on me…

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    New guy here. I’m about 5’10” and 160lbs and I’ve been riding the 160 BTX Mullet all season, no complaints really. Hell of a lot longer than what I used to ride so when the going got tight the turns took a little more work 😆 Guess this doesn’t help you decide between the 165 and the 172.

    That was Pontus

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    I’ve got a 165 Mullet with BTX, and I’ve had too much fun riding this board. Stable at spped, and turns much easier than the 166 Emagator that the Mullet replaced. I weigh 220 so you shouldn’t have any problems at all.

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    Yeah, now I just need to find one….

    Anybody who knows where I can find one.. hollar out…

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    i’ve got the 165 btx, and weight in at 165lbs. Its the longest board i’ve owned and it has never felt too long. The taper and banana make it turn really quick and pivots further back giving a surfy feel. For you i would go with the 172.

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    I have an older (2006) Mullet 160 I ride in pow, fun board, floats really well. I’m 5’10” and 180.

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