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    Like Ale, I have an extended period of time free – from May 18-June 7. I can pretty much go anywhere in NA, though of course I’d like to avoid getting bogged down with weather days or traveling. Right now thinking about bumping between N Cascades/volcanos, the coast range, and Canadian Rockies. Heck, I’d even travel up to AK if the right situation presented itself (however unlikely that is). Ideas???

    BTW – might try to squeeze in a Shasta descent May 15 while driving from CA up to WA if anyone’s interested.

    Give a holler if you’d like to team up.

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    Last year that timeframe was great, that was the perfect window for road openings allowing easier access to trailheads, while the snowpack was still good.

    I feel like this year the snow is melting out a lot earlier, and all my late spring / summer trips are moving up a month to compensate.

    Good luck, and give a shout if you’re passing through OR / WA and want to team up.

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    Wish I had the $$$ to join ya

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    i just did a similar trip myself. lot’s of cool looking stuff around snoqualmie and stevens. baker area was HEAVY snow

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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