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    So if you ever want to stress out a nice weekend, take a drill, Dremel, and heat gun to your boots. I suggest a little beer to help this process along.

    Changes made: replaced cable instep strap with pegasus buckle and clasp (purchased direct from La Sportiva NA, and, seems to get regular stock), ground down the ‘wings’ on the carbon spin (pretty minor), made a single cut on the lateral side of both boots to the original buckle mounting hole (it was roughly in the right place, and there’s a slightly thicker ring of plastic around the hole which I figured would help prevent a stress crack).

    The boots are substantially softer (30%?) but still firm relative to softboots I think. I’ll cut the medial side if I’m still having issues with toeside transitions in marginal conditions, or if I decide I want a more surfy feel.

    Sideral with mods

    Will someone please make a not-handmade-and-carbon splitboard hardboot soon?

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    They’re much softer! I can butter into switch again, and toeside transitions feel less like I’m steering a giant boat.

    The sides of the cut were interfering with each other, so I widened them (like a v-shape), and there’s no more catching or clicking. They’re definitely a lot colder with so much material missing and thin liners, so I ordered some boot gloves to keep the snow out. There doesn’t seem to be any way to fill the gap with tape without it just disintegrating.

    Pierre Gignoux has the right idea (comped from actual snowboard hardboots), and tuning flex in a touring boot through deformation of the shell is a total stopgap in boot development..

    Hope this helps someone with dialing in their boots! I think these mods are pretty broadly applicable.

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    Try using gorilla tape to fill the gap and leave some extra tape between the cuts so that it can move when the boot flexes. Its been working on my TLTs.

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