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    Anyone using these with the heel piece? They weigh almost half the Dynafit TLT binding (toes and heels) with three pole-adjustable heel heights and a locked-heel ski mode.

    “The ultra-lightweight design and new technology offered by the La Sportiva RT Tech Binding has the whole ski-touring world talking about its releasable heel and toe pieces in a 175gram package. With an adjustable release system in the toe and two in the heel (one frontal and one lateral), you can get the safety and reliability of a 5-10 DIN system without the extra weight.

    Approved by the International Ski Mountaineering Federation for use in randonnée (ski touring) races
    Three-position heel riser offers comfortable options while touring through varying terrain
    Integrated crampon attachments (crampon sold separately) allow easy crampon installation to help you climb steep and icy skin tracks
    Stainless-steel pin design fits most Dynafit-compatible boots”


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    I thought about buying these but then just bought TLT toe pieces from Will at Spark. It seems to me that splitboarders don’t really need the DIN setting and that if hardboots for splits takes off, we will get something like this only a little simpler and therefore maybe even lighter. (No DIN, auto-lock toe piece, matches up with current splitboard bolt pattern etc.)

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    i was thinking a piece like a heel riser with two metal prongs (tech binding heel style) that flips up and locks down the heel.

    it probably could even be the climbing wire too with some smooth thinking

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    Unless one has very, very wide stance (over 24″) it is going to be hard to have enough room to accommodate any tech binding heel piece. I think a lightweight heel bail incorporated into the heel lifter could work though… JK, maybe we should talk…

    As far as lightweight toe pieces go, I have been using the Dynafit Speed Ultralight toe piece (same as the Race, except without the auto lock feature) and this is very, very nice: lighter than a Karakoram touring bracket, and probably stronger than any of the lightweight options from ATK, Plum, and La Sportiva (re badged ATKs). The Dynafit Race/Speed Ultralight toe piece is drop forged aluminum, which is then post machined, whereas the other lightweight toe pieces are solely CNCed. Done right, forging should make for a stronger part at the same weight as a CNCed piece.

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