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    A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to head south from SLC and check out the La Sal Mountain range. Never having been in the region before, not knowing the snowpack/terrain, and being by myself, I was keeping my expectations low. After talking to a local bc skier I received some mixed beta, and was even more unsure about what to expect. Watching weather conditions, I picked my weather window, and headed up into the mountains with my fingers crossed. Conditions turned out to be ideal, and what followed was some of the best riding I have had all year.

    What a freakin’ awesome trip! :headbang:
    Here is a video I made from the trip. Although my camera is HD, I always seem to lose video quality in the upload process…. :scratch:


    And a link to a full trip report on my blog.

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    Journeying to the La Sals for a BC trip takes a leap of faith…and you nailed it. Nicely done!!

    Rico in AZ
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    Very nice!
    Love that place– the river, the red rocks, the La Sals. Well done.

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    If 90% is showing up then being on time is 10%. Congratulations on 100%.

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    Awesome. Shredding mountains in canyon country kicks ass categorically–especially so here. Very well played.


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