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    It’ll be showing at the Wilderness Exchange. We are also taking home brew video edits to show at this event. The top 3 judged the best will go head to head and the winner will be determined by audience applause.

    Facebook link

    Come on out, this should be a good time.

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    Avery is now supplying free beer for this event. :guinness:

    Who doesn’t like that?

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    ColoRADo splitboarders, be there or be square!

    I’ll be there most likely w/ my punk brother….

    I’ve already submitted two vids to be shown that night.

    The Kyle Miller Freeride movie should be a blast especially with free Avery Beer.


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    Last week’s Kyle Miller Freeride movie night at Wilderness Exchange was fun. My wife and kids were there with me along w/ my punk brother.

    Friends of Berthoud Pass raised some funds while sharing the stoke of locally made movies.

    Me & my brother scored some local backcountry knowledge from conversation with those at the event. And, the Kyle Miller short film was inspiring!

    Here are some photos, a bit blurry though:

    The projector screen & crowd.

    The crowd.

    Dead solders w/ some PBR poached in with the free Avery beer.

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    Dang man, bummed I missed that! those look like the people who I want to hang out with!! im still riding YEAR ROUND!!! that vid looked cool. ANYBODY down to go explore still? I know there is stiill snow out there it jsut takes some work to get to! lets do work! :clap:

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