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    Follow local Northwest splitboard mountaineer Kyle Miller on his “epic hunt for good snow” in the U.S. premiere of Crest Pictures’ newest film FreeRider.

    Take a journey deep into the mountains of Wyoming with a group of hard-charging skiers and snowboarders in KGB Productions’ Wyoming Triumph.

    FreeRider is a 14-minute documentary chronicling Miller’s great passion for his sport, his love of the mountains and the wilderness, his ski bum lifestyle, his triumphs and disappointments, his pain and his joys, and his unyielding dedication towards fulfilling his riding dreams. Snowboarding has come a long way in the last few years, and splitboard mountaineering is at the forefront now. Miller is part of this new vanguard. He is an admired and respected splitboarder who has been featured in Off-Piste, Backcountry and Frequency magazines. Each season Miller sets a high bar for himself. In 2010, he successfully climbed and rode all 25 volcanoes in the Western United States. Last year he went for and completed Washington’s 10 highest peaks while the cameras rolled during the filming of FreeRider.

    Wyoming Triumph is a 55-minute grassroots film featuring a veteran and youthful band of ski and snowboard friends and professionals, including Rob LaPier, Trevor Hiatt, Max Hammer, Tucker Mead, North Parker, Matt Luczkow, Trevor Thomas and Aidan Sheahan. Two years ago they set out on a mission to scout the vast and mostly unskied rugged interior of their home state, where more folks own elk rifles than skis. They traveled throughout the great big mountainous backcountry terrain of Wyoming in search of fresh lines and remote locations. The film not only explores the drive of this unique group of passionate individuals, but also takes the audience on a Wild West journey through parts of the “Old West” that still exists today. Following countless broken bones, close calls and getting lost, they return home with a story.

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    Wyoming Triumph:

    Presenting on Thursday, February 23, at McMenamins Old St. Francis School Theater, 700 NW Bond St. in Bend. Admission is $8 in advance; $10 at the door. The doors open at 8:30 PM so come early, have a beer, buy raffle tickets, and hook up with friends. The show starts at 9:00 PM. Proceeds are for the benefit of the Central Oregon Avalanche Association (COAA).

    Archie McPhee
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    I highly recommend Kyle’s film. Truly inspirational, and well worth the entire price of admission. I saw this same bill last Friday at the Mountaineers in Seattle.


    Kyle Miller
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    Thanks for the kind words it is really weird putting your life up on the screen in front of a bunch of people!

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    Is it ok to boast about knowing someone before they were famous even if they’re just your internet friend?

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    @Archie McPhee wrote:

    I highly recommend Kyle’s film. Truly inspirational, and well worth the entire price of admission. I saw this same bill last Friday at the Mountaineers in Seattle.


    Yes. Kyle’s film is really well done. I recommend seeing it.

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    there will be showings in Northern Cali too. I’ll post up the details soon.

    Glad to see peeps are likin’ the film.

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    Any chance of European screenings?
    I really want to see this but won’t be hopping the pond until much later this year.

    182 Surf de neige
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    Tahoe perhaps?

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    I’d say reach out to crest pictures…they have been great to deal with so it’s a good bet you can get something worked out. KGB Films has been stellar too…makes for a grEat double feature

    See you all Thursday night

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    yeah surf – in tahoe


    Kyle Miller
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    Hey guys been slacking a bit or more specifically tired from breaking skin tracks but I’m glad people are enjoying the film.

    I was actually in Europe (France) for the premiere of the film but sadly I don’t think I will be heading back this season. At this moment I haven’t heard of anymore screenings on that side of the pond but the peeps to get a hold of are Crest Pictures.

    I think the films both work great together and I highly recommend coming for the KGB film alone.

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    It was a great film, Kyle, well done, even though you weren’t down here in Bend for the screening. Or were you? ha, I bet you’re a bit sick about seeing yourself on screen. I almost threw up envisioning myself in the situation you were in. 😉

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    Yup, will hit up Crest Pictures and see what the deal is.
    Hopefullly they can suggest something.

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    Saw him last night at the Weed Brewery.

    The film was great: the slide show and commentary by Kyle preceding the film really sealed the deal. Really cool mentality he brings to the hills, stoked all the way.

    If you have the chance don’t miss it!

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