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    Klem, Do you know when the new Storm splits are going to be available online?

    And, about the Euphorias for sale from last year… is there any rocker in those?

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    We are hoping to have the first boards ready to ship in late August. Right now we are in the middle of moving the factory… No no no, not that far, just few minutes down the road. I’ll try to post a photo later. The new space will be much more efficient and we have a really good crew so far this year, so I’m hopeful that we’ll be able to stay on schedule. If you are anxious to get a new board as soon as they are ready, your best bet is to sign up for our e-news list and keep an eye on the website ( and blog (

    All the rocker stuff is new for 09/10, so no boards before that have rocker. But, thanks to taper, stance offset, and a big nose, I think the Euphoria floats just fine without it.

    On a different note, I do check in on somewhat regularly but can’t read everything and find it hard to carve out time for posting. So, if you or anyone else has questions for me or needs to get in touch, please e-mail (klem at venturesnowboards dot com). I’m notoriously slow with e-mail too, but at least that way I’m aware. Thanks.

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    If you´re slow, Klem, it doesn´t matter too much. Lisa is very, very fast!


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