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    A perfectly-timed weather window yielded seven satisfying days in a row on the Kenai last week. Sunny, cold, and mostly stable. Perfect. The camera came out for a few of those days and offers a taste of the place. Enjoy.

    Big gun country.

    Evening skinner.

    Touring for its own sake would be worth it. Stunning.

    Shred mecca.

    Wolves on the move. Rad.

    The lone riding image.


    One memorable moment was flushing two rock ptarmigan on a big heel turn; white wings against blue sky. Another here on the uptrack.

    Temporary housing, quiver.


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    Ummm yeah shred mecca is right. Nice one!

    Rico in AZ
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    AZ to AK.
    I’m going next year.

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    @ricorides wrote:

    AZ to AK.
    I’m going next year.

    So stoked for that, Rico!


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    7 day RV ManChild Tour. So fun. Body is still recovering.
    Here is Taylor.

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    Such an amazing place. I’ve only been during the summer, but, now I need to get there for the winter.

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    WOW this is what I want to do next year. I sent out an email to my crew the day your TR went up. Can I pm you for advice on RV rental, roads where to go ect? Awesome trip

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    Tex – yes, of course.


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    Awesome trip and timing…

    Great photos too.

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    Looks like you guys hit the weather window perfect. From what i gather Alaska is a pretty fickle place as far as the weather is concerned. How many days did you guys get out? The terrain looks epic..

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    Zude, yes, it can be fickle. We got lucky with weather, visibility and snow conditions. We toured seven days in a row.


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    Where is that at around Kenai? I’m from the Peninsula, but that doesn’t really look familiar. Might be going home to work early next summer, and had no clue I had so little to travel for some great riding. Are you over in Kachemak?

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    Hi J.P. –

    What an amazing place to call home! I’m jealous.

    Those images chronicle day tours east of the Seward Highway on the northern end of the peninsula. I’m averse to listing place names on blogs out of consideration for locals; I’ll shoot you a PM. Regardless, you should get a copy of The Alaska Factor by Joe Stock.

    Shred on!

    – Taylor


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