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    Anyone mounted Karakorams on a new Burton Splitboard with channel system?

    Seems that he ICS hardware sits proud and the plates won’t sit flat on the deck.

    I could make something but i assume this will be an issue for others in the furure

    Any feedback welcome


    Adam West

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    Throw a pair of Voile rails or pinned Sparks on it and call it a day. They work! Proven and nothing to go wrong. Oh, and cheap. As far as transitions, who’s in a hurry? Landlord…… Great ride!

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    For one of my customers, just trying to get this sorted.

    Called Burton Australia and they have never heard of Karakoram 😆 😆 😆
    As expected!

    They said I should use the Burton Splitboard binding, when I asked what that was ( :scratch: )they told me Burton make a Splitboard binding called the burner! 😆 😆 😆

    This blows me away
    In Australia Burton are now selling the Tesla system direct to retail Burton suppliers. They really have no idea.

    The guys at Karakoram tried to help, but I’ve come up with another solution.

    It’s the second board that I’ve set up that the Karakoram hardware wont bolt straight on, modification required.

    I’ve asked Karakorum to make a upgrade kit for the ICS system on Burtons as I’m sure I’m not the only distributer that will come across this in the future..

    Rant over!

    Adam West

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    Can’t you just grind the post on the channel hardwear down, or does that leave you with too few threads (I think you need 4 to fully engage if memory serves)?

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    I’ve sourced another t nut, The system works fine on Voile/Burton new style pucks but mot on the K bindings.
    Its OK for me to make/cut/grind/butcher/mill etc but not for the customer to do this.

    Just be aware that not every thing bolts straight on that is ” industry compatible”.

    Its not Karakorams issue but it ends up being the customers issue to fix.
    More like Burton just assumes that every one will use the Burton (Spark) binding.

    Adam West

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    I ran into the same problem putting the split30 on the ultrasplit. I got a pile of demos to try last year and I was putting it together on the way to the mountain, and without paying too much attention I cranked down the ride mode brackets to seem them pushing up the base of the board. I just went back to the magnetos on that board, but I learned things aren’t universal.

    Yeah Burton branded a magnetos as the hitch hiker. I guessing it was a little pay for provided the straps. Karakoram does the same thing with Mervin and Bent Metal.

    C balke
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    Firstlight, I tend to agree that Burtom may not go out of their way to allow riders to utalize karakoram’s.

    We will be posting an article in the near future in regards to the Burton Hitchhiker. Best way to put it is that Spark’s been buying parts for a few years from B and now the opposite is being done. It’s a mural agreement and the pieces are cobranded.

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    I’m not a hater, just trying to make the companies aware that there are issues.
    I have a large workshop with mills and other equipment so makes it easy for me to prototype gear and mod the stuff that doesn’t work.
    I am also the importer for these brands and have to support them in our remote geographic location.
    Would be nice if they tested their products more on a few more brands to make everyone’s life easier.

    Not sure all the other importers would provide this service to the shops they supply.


    Adam West

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