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    Super fun day yesterday in K country, 25 cm fresh and it was on! :thatrocks: :headbang:


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    Sweet, what are was that?

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    Black Prince / Tryst Lake

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    Looks like some fun terrain! Are you rolling with a GoPro or a Contour?

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    Hey there Stein,

    Which part was tryst i didnt recognize the chutes, what was the snowpack like out there. we were gonna heat there yesterday but expected it to be too volatile…judging by the snow it would have been a great day

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    POV was shot with gopro

    The booter was closer to tryst (along the road)

    The tree’s were closer to black prince (NE aspect)

    Snowpack is interesting for sure, it’s getting pretty deep out there! Wasn’t much for natural activity in the alpine, we still stayed conservative, below treeline, away from any chutes or runouts.

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    great beat, what tune and band? splitin looks great too. we used to play at Sparrowhawk alot with Mt. SHark as the booter spot.

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