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    I saw that you can get K2 Compass boots and the Quicker bindings for about $320 total right now on EVO so I thought I’d throw out a review for those who don’t fear step-ins. (We already have a thread for “clickers suck!”)

    The compass is still a pretty stiff boot but completely adjustable with laces; I’m still not lacing up top two cleats in good snow or trees. One thing that is noteworthy about these boots is that they lock in very rigidly along the lateral axis, meaning they traverse pretty strong, a lot better than a soft boot binding. Unlike the Stark that came out first, these boots are a bit softer leaning back and in my opinion K2 hit just about the right spot for touring in better snow conditions for a boot that has a fixed rearward lean, it’s not the perfect boot for touring, but I find it very comfortable and am not bothered by it on the uphill at all. On longer firm and off cambered exit trails on my heelsides I could use more rearward support, but then it would lose some sensitivity on heelsides in the good snow, so it is just about right.

    I found the BOA tightener over the instep to be nearly useless. I still think the boots need ankle straps to really connect your foot to the edge on toeside. The BOA just doesn’t have the power and even the later model still becomes uncomfortable before it feels like it is locking you in in those situations where you need a lot of toeside power,again and end-of-the-day-exit-trail concern. I made a quick DIY attachment of an ankle strap with velcro and cord which works great if anyone is interested. I just think all snowboard boots need a quick strong ability to tighten and loosen over the instep. Even if the BOA thing was functional as an ankle strap it would still be more of a pain to reach under your pant cuffs and adjust as compared to an ankle strap.

    The set up with the sliders and the boots together is 4lbs 1-2 ounces per foot for me in size 11, so pretty light, but not the lightest. They tour pretty well with absolute comfort, but of course don’t stride out like a hard boot. They have plenty of toe room and warmth, maybe a bit too much room in the instep area (that is probably foot-specific). They have a pretty stiff and hard rubber sole that can kick into firm snow pretty well. So while we would still love to see a hard soled version of the K2 Ace boot at around 3 lbs these are pretty functional, relatively light and a pretty easy deal right now at 320 for boots and bindings.

    The new bindings are real easy, but they grab a little more snow in the open spaces and sometimes you have to give them a stab or two with your pole tip before clipping in and they have a plastic part in the toe pivot. If you pay attention when you put each one on, you probably wont crack it ever and they still work once the plastic part is cracked, so it seems to be more of a psychological problem. Still, for a little weightless plastic part there should be an extra set in every box. Another downside is the unavailability of extra touring brackets so far. I still prefer my homemade plates because they stay really clean of snow and ice, I never have to clean them, they step in better for some reason and I don’t need to have a K2 bracket on each board instead of a standard voile touring bracket. Also the four pairs of Quicker boots I have seen all have the mounting points almost 2mm farther apart from the older K2 stuff. This means they don’t work at all or don’t really work well with old bindings and crampons.

    If anyone needs some help getting started on DIY sliders or adding an ankle strap, I’ll tell you what I know to get you going in the right direction.

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    Nice informed review Scooby. Pretty light, inexpensive, better lateral touring support than softies… Seems like the closest there is to a hybrid between soft and AT systems. A back-tilt for stride would seem a next step for K2 here. Totally doable. Slightly off topic, but it’d be interesting to see a side by side comparison of the old clicker and new kwicker systems. K2 seems like they’ve been one step away from greatness on these systems.


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