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    I was picking up a new shovel the other day, and saw the K2 avy shovel. Pretty cool companion to the K2 splitty. You have the ability to make a rescue sled out of the shovel parts with the K2 splitty. If anyone owns the K2 split. I would check out the shovel… pretty smart idea.

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    It also has a “hoe mode”:

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    @powderpanic wrote:

    It also has a “hoe mode”:

    What a beautiful hoe! – her back bends 90 degrees! Sorry couldn’t resist.

    I thought it was cool that you could use it in conjunction with the K2 board to make a sled, but that hoe configuration is really neat!

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    My ortovox kodiak is a burly ho.

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    Your Mom has a “hoe mode”.

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