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    Last week I had the opportunity to tag along on the set of the new TGR/Jeremy Jones project “Deeper” in the Tahoe bc. We scored some great snow and it was fun to see Jeremy and Ryland do their thing. Special thanks to Chris Edmonds and Seth Lightcap too for letting me hang out and take some pics.

    Seth aka bigfoot on our forum gets ready to start the day.



    Jeremy sets the booter to the next pitch.

    On to a different zone, Ryland Bell gets his pow slash on.

    Jeremy spies a spine line.

    And nails it perfect, including the air at the end.

    J’s DIY split and a look at next year’s shape with some banana-magne action.

    Chris Edmonds



    Just in time for a quick run.

    Great color

    Talking shop

    Sunrise was equally as nice only this time we look to the east instead of the west.

    Jones studies his line…


    and executes it perfectly.

    Ryland is next.

    On to line two, Jeremy.


    Seth and Chris



    Ryland goes indy…

    backside 360…

    and b/s 720…why not. 🙂

    It was a great couple days of riding and shooting, thanks again for letting me tag along Jeremy, Chris, Ryland, and Seth. :thatrocks:

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    :rock: :clap: Bad Azz TR :bow:

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    163W Jones Solution/Phantom Alphas/Dynafit TLT5s
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    :drool: Jealous!!!!! :drool:

    Great work on the photos Chris!!!

    bones get broke
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    Dude……………….. :thatrocks:

    Stagger Lee
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    Unruly Baker
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    DAMN! Touring with JJ and crew. That’s like tossing the pigskin with Elway or Farve. Much like catching a bullet from either of them would break fingers, following JJ’s lines might break things too!

    JJ needs to get his splits “Monked”. Amazed he’s riding big lines and hucking and not pulling out the ski screws. He needs some t-nuts and inside edges. A JJ banana magna is going to be on my list of boards to get “Monked” next season. Fo shizzle!


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    Jealous!!! :drool:

    You lucky dog, that would be probably among the coolest days ever on the mountain.

    Riding with Legends :drool:

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    That is the most awesome TR in the history of TR’s!


    I give it TEN! A TEN! A f@c%ing TEN!

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    nice dude. i’ve snowboarded like 3 times in my life and JJ is IMHO the most inspiring snow slider out there. HUGE!

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    very cool. :bananas: :drool:

    and “ha ha”, Eco and I snaked your lines the day before

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    Umm….siiiick. Wow. :headbang: :headbang: :headbang:

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    looks fun and all but we still missed ya at scrubfest….

    seriously though nice shots thanks for the stoke!

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    Let’s see, what emoticons describe the various things I felt while reading this:
    :drool: salivating over the conditions
    :bananas: you’ve got to have the dancing banana, b/c that’s awesome
    😥 because I wasn’t there and jealous of the experience of just seeing that in person
    :thumpsup: cause I’m sure you are still stoked on that trip and will be for a long time
    :bow: I will never be that good
    :thatrocks: :headbang: :rock: :clap: and all the ones that generally apply to this

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    I bow to you :bow:

    I wish I was there even just to watch. :drool:

    Thats a great reward and recognition for the work you are putting in the site. :thatrocks:

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    hell yeah man. that is some quality stoke! :thatrocks:

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    Sweet pics and report! I’m way jealous :clap: After that report, I may just quit my job and ride backcountry everyday, though that would probably cause :shit: with my wife……

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    Nice shots in there BC!!

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    super cool. thanks for sharing it, CG.

    big ups, JJ!

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    What a celebrity whore

    And to think you gave up a weekend with stanky intoxicated scrubs for this

    Actually – kicks ass in so many ways :bow: – but – somebody had to give you shit

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