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    Hey Guys,

    I’m a little confused…

    I just (litterally) unboxed my new 2011-12 Solution 168w and it seems like the pre-drilled holes are backwards on the board. I measured the board at the fattest part (the tip) just above the Jones logo and at the tail, just below the “the solution 168” to confirm the tip and tail based on specs after thinking it was just my eyes decieving me or that the paint scheme was backwards. Looking at the binding mount holes, the 6 holes at the front are closer to the tip than the 6 at the tail. When I look at the touring bracket mounts, it appears that if I mounted the bracket properly, I would be skinning tail first.

    After comparing my board to the pic frighttrain48 posted in the jones thread, I’m all but convinced that there actually is an issue with this board.

    has anyone heard of this issue?
    does anyone have a phone number for jones (the company not the guy 😉 )

    I put an email to Jones through the website but am pretty sure that’s managed by only a few folks.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Talk about a buzz kill 10 minutes after you get the board you’ve been saving for…

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    crazy, post some pics?

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    Topsheet on wrong way round? Or do you mean the actual touring bracket/heel riser mount locations face the actual physical tail (not just what ‘looks’ like the tail) of the board à la Atomic Poacher?

    That was Pontus

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    The REI in Sacramento had one, maybe you can call them and ask them to measure it for you especially if they aren’t too busy.

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    I thought the top sheet was wrong but acording to measurments the top sheet is right and the holes are wrong. Even looking at it on a flat surface (table) the shape is proper with rocker etc matching the top sheet. Here’s a pic with red dots on all the holes to show them a little more clearly.

    am I an idiot or are these backwards? The board is leaning against the wall so the top looks a touch narrower at the tip but I assure you i’ve measured the tip by the jones logo and tail by “the solution 168w” 10 times and it just seems the holes are backwards. Am I “that guy” who doesn’t know what he’s doing or do I have a funky board?

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    wow, quality control must have been on siesta :guinness:

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    😆 That’s backwards for sure. Never trust those TUNISIANS!

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    LOL Well I’m glad I’m not just an idiot…although, this doesn’t quite clear me. Thanks a lot for the confirmation.

    As an update for those who care – I initially ordered the board from and called them earlier to explain the situation. They have since put through another order with their last 168w and are shipping it express to me. They gave me their UPS number to ship back the current board so I won’t be out any more cash. Really good service in my eyes. They are shipping the new board before getting the old one back….awesome service. I’ve always had good service with them but this ices the cake for me.

    The only concern I have is that the new one will be from the same batch as the switch legend I currnetly have :nononno: ….fingers crossed the new board is built properly!

    I’ll keep you guys posted.

    Thanks again for the help,


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    Just skin fakie.

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    Maybe they thought breaking trail would be best with a blunt object going to taper! 😆

    Could be a valuable one later on in life! Maybe you can send once you get the other board in to compare.

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    @philip.ak wrote:

    Just skin fakie.


    unless this is a one off mistake someone with a similar problem is bound not to notice until someone points it out in the skintrack. That, or they’ll be working real hard all season to keep their “nose” up.

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    No matter how you slice it, this sucks. Given that, props to Jones for fixing it pronto. Please post how this resolves.


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    @taylor wrote:

    No matter how you slice it, this sucks. Given that, props to Jones for fixing it pronto. Please post how this resolves.

    Just to keep credit where credit is due – it wasn’t jones that addressed the issue. I haven’t heard back from them after emailing them (the only way i could find to contact them) 5 hours ago…granted that’s not a long time to turn around an issue however a number to call would be nice…quick customer service is key in my eyes. With that said, I called where I initially ordered the board and they stayed on the phone until they figured out a way for me to ship the defect board back to the US from Canada and then get me a new deck shipped across the boarder while they eat the tarriffs for importing a board so I didn’t have to pay that fee twice. The dude who was assisting me even gave me his direct dial in case any issues came up in this process. SOmething not needed since I have an order number I can just provide, but again – great service at Backcountry.

    I am curious to see what the folks at Jones have to say if/when they get back to me.

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    Post it on the Jones FB page. They are very responsive there. I got an answer to my question within a few hours of posting there.

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    Good call – i still haven’t heard from them after contacting them through the Jones website.


    10 minutes after posting on the Jones FB page I was asked to email someone at Nidecker directly. That really was fast. I’ll keep you guys posted on anything worth mentioning.

    My original post on the Jones FB site has been removed it seems…I hope they did that because this is a one off issue and not a known issue…

    thanks for the help in this thread so far.

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    Just got off the phone with Josh at Nidecker and he was really helpfull. This is not a known issue and they have called a number of shops that are sitting on 68’s to see if there are any similar problems and so far so good. Fingers crossed I’m the lucky guy with the one off Switch Solution LOL.

    Pretty happy with the service today…

    Keep y’all posted on the process and obviously post some pics when the right board gets here!

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    So to close the backwards drill hole issue, my new replacement board arrived today (everything drilled properly) along with my hardware/bindings that I’d order separately….sweet timing! :thatrocks:

    Also, found a sick deal on some new Malamutes over the weekend so I’m itching to get out.

    Out of the box



    Time to hit the mountains!

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    Nice set up.

    Glad the folks at came thru like that. I’ve always had great customer service from those guys.

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    Another question
    Does the board line up in ride mode, looks a bit skew?

    Adam West

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    Ya it does line up. I took the pic as soon as it was together and then realized I needed to fine tune the pucks/hooks to make sure it was even. Nice eye…not the first picture here on SP where another member noticed a slight mis-allignment in someone’s set up. Gotta love a community that looks out for eachother.

    Thanks again for everyone’s help over the last week.

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