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    Just found out the Jones carbon should retail for $1400 +
    I’m wondering if there us anyone out there that would pay That.


    Adam West

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    are you talking about the Ultracraft or the Carbon Solution?

    if it’s the Ultracraft, according to the Press Release it should 1200$

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    I just got told by the Australian importer that the 2014 US list price for Solution carbon is USD$1499

    😆 😆 😆 😆 😆

    They tried to charge me @ this rate for my current shipment that was delivered this month without informing me of the massive price hike!
    This is for the GST boards.

    Making it hard to understand why you would ride one.

    Any input from Nidecker?

    Adam West

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    If that is true that’s asinine.

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    Adam West

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    @firstlight wrote:

    Any input from Nidecker?

    Aren’t they being produced at another factory now?
    Afaik in Austria…

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    Looks like they figured out that 1st world production cost are more expensive than 3rd world.
    Or they are just gouging us!
    For that price you would expect a light full carbon lay up top and bottom.
    This is a real shame as the boards look a lot better.

    Adam West

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    Straight from Nidecker:

    13/14 Jones Carbon Solution – USA MSRP = $1,199. Canadian MSRP = $1,299

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    Doesn’t most equipment cost more in Australia and NZ? Doubt it’s gouging, I think it has more to do with taxes and tariffs, not to mention shipping across some big body of water the I forget the name of ;).

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    I’m in the middle of this with the Jones Australia guys and will comment when I get clear answers on pricing.

    Adam West

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