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    Here’s some pics from Sunday 12-28-08 with liketoride, ecobrad, sanfrantastico, breadbox, and our designated skier joesnow.

    Joesnow and eco on the skin up the frontside.

    Eco and I

    The top of the first peak.

    Joe drops with the Crystal Range backdrop.

    Bcr is next.


    Two turns into the season, breadbox takes flight.


    Going last can have it’s perks…Liketoride nabs a clean line.

    I think she liked it.

    On to the next pitch.


    And on to the next, bcr.


    Lake crevasse gap.

    Looking back.

    On to the next peak bcr breaks some trail.

    Eco, liketoride, SF

    Liketoride and SF with some of our first run in the distance.

    Joesnow on top of the second peak.

    Liketoride taking in the view.



    Another fun day in the Sierras with friends! :thatrocks:

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    Sick, Breadbox strikes again! Looks like some decent snow is starting to stack up.
    I liked this tour, it was a fun one.

    Hope to make it up that way…

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    So Jealous! 😥 I have next tue and wed off definitly goin out for the goods then, hopefully its as good as your day was

    Kyle Miller
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    Nice work you cant beat Bluebird and Pow

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    Great stuff! Looks like a blast :bananas:

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    Cool tour guys! Thanks for inviting the token skier.
    And I still love how Breadbox fixed in on that rock, rode down the ridge and then sent it. Any chance someone can dig up that old photo from like 5 years ago when he sent it the first time?

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    Solid point to point tour fellas :clap:

    @joesnow wrote:

    Any chance someone can dig up that old photo from like 5 years ago when he sent it the first time?

    This one from 2005?

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    I want to go to the Sierras again! :thatrocks:

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    Damn. Way to get after it guys. I’m so bummed I had to go home the night before. Looks like ya scored.

    BTW – a north shore friend told me he rode Emerald Chute the day before with pow top to bottom. :banghead:

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    Great tour. My pictures suck so I having nothing to contribute. Right on.

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    Thanks again, bcr & joe snow for setting up the traverse and a fun day. I just have a few pics…

    Putting the poo in swimming pool since 1968.

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