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    After some last-minute planning, we were able to make a trip up to the Oozei region in Gunma April 29. Our destination, Shibutsu-san, is one of the hyaku-meisan (100 famous mountains of Japan), and a mecca for yama-ski in the Spring. Access roads to it are open for only 2-weeks around the Golden Week holiday period, after which it’s closed and then re-opened during the summer.

    6:03 Shibutsu Trailhead

    6:52 First view of the summit at Harumi-no-Oka

    7:36 Walking along Oyama-Sawa Tashiro

    7:55 Steepest traverse of the day at Koshibutsu

    8:33 Summit

    8:39 Looking down at Mujina-Sawa route, thinking about where to drop in

    9:13 Nice spring-corn!

    9:41 Time for lunch. We would hike back up to the summit around 10. Oze Marsh in the background.

    10:45 Hiking back up

    Stairs 3/4 of the way up

    11:34 Summit again, about an hour at a pretty good pace

    11:27 Waiting for the fog to clear up

    11:54 Weather was only getting worse, so we decided to drop in the Waru-Sawa route

    Half-way down, cleared up a bit just for a moment

    12:29 Hike back up to the parking lot

    All in all, a pretty good trip, we will definitely be back next year for more!

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    Now that’s what I call backcountry access! 🙂 Nice TR.

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    Looks like spring has sprung in Japan.

    Way to keep getting’ out there Montoya! 8)

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    Very cool Montoya…thanks for sharing!

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    Hi Montoya!!

    lunch time is important… and you choose a really good one!!

    thanks for the feeling


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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