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    @russman wrote:

    @bowlrider wrote:

    ………it would be nice to whip their ass. Then you just stoop to their level though. Somewhere in the future the universe will catch up with this group and handle them……

    ……..Okay well maybe someone should figure out where this white trash lives, and when he’s sleeping set fire to his sled. Except that would just be polluting… Dammit!

    ok Russman we can kick their asses…believe me Iam down..or we can all contact his job at Hood and let them know what he is up to. Its crazy how small this world a matter of hours we already have his name and his summer lets find his facebook or my space cuz you know Ras Trent has either one of those..those barney’s are everything that is wrong with snowboarding..I have a friend who we call the Terminator..if we need to we can enlist his help..we just have to feed him bud light and beef jerky and tell him that guy said something bad about his wife..that joke..I seriously cant stand trustafarians..

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    I suggest everybody email his bosses at

    fill up his inbox…. with pictures of him and his crew.

    A think a good firing would straighten him up.

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    solid effort jeramie! good things will come out of this shitty experience, so whatever you do don’t let it get you down.

    in my brief visit to togwotee you demonstrated a deep love and respect for your surroundings. wyoming needs people like you who lead by example (and educate people like me) so to nate and his crew; drop the ego and show a little respect. you wouldn’t want a snowmobile crew from wyoming come and rip lines through your half pipe. maybe an apology to wyomingsplit_ride and the togwotee users is in order? if so, i suggest making it good.

Viewing 3 posts - 21 through 23 (of 23 total)

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