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    Now that I’ve been splitting for 3 years, I need to step up my board. I currently ride a DIY Lib Tech Lando Phoenix and it’s great. But it’s too small now at 160. My resort board is a NS Heritage 160 and my powder board is a 161 Venture Storm. I now need something a big longer for better float. I’m thinking around 163. So……..I definitely know the difference between a pow specific board and a twin or directional twin. I absolutely LOVE the Storm when it’s deep but definitely don’t love it when it’s not. I LOVE the Heritage in just about any condition under 8-10″. It’s good for powder days but the Storm is just so much better. The Storm takes no effort at all to surf snow.

    Now I’m stuck with what board is between? I would’ve thought Zepher but it seems there are not enough people that are sold on its weight. Or performance. It seems it’s 50/50 Zepher vs Storm. My problem, mostly, is that I have to lean so far back when it’s deep and heavy in the PNW on the Lando. It wears me out. That could be that the board is too small and too freestyle oriented? I really, really like to screw around, though. I don’t ride switch, ever, but any time I can jump a roller or fly over a small cliff (log laying sideways) I like to. I also like to straight-line the hell out of runs just for the heck of it. And I also need something for the tight tree days when the danger is too high for wide open bowls. Being so skinny with very skinny legs, I don’t have leg strength that a lot of people have to throw around a board. I’m scared the Zepher, which on paper sounds like the perfect all-around board with an emphasis on freeride (me!! 😀 ), will be too heavy for my weak legs. Especially combined with heavy(ish) spring PNW snow.

    Am I asking too much for one board?

    PNW rider = snow can be heavy towards the end of the day. Or the beginning. 😉
    160-170lbs any given week
    size 10.5 but my Salomon F22’s have a 9.5 footprint

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    @jnk wrote:

    I absolutely LOVE the Storm when it’s deep but definitely don’t love it when it’s not.

    I think most boards with a nose like the Storm will float well in the heavy PNW snow. If you don’t like the storm on hardpack / variable, you may or may not like the Zephyr / Zelix (next year there is only the Zelix).

    Here’s my thoughts on the Zephyr in the PNW:


    In a nutshell, I think the Zephyr is great as an all around board, after you get used to the additional work needed to initiate turns compared to some other boards.

    I’d recommend demoing one before pulling the trigger. I think Next Adventure in Portland might still have some left over for demo, dunno around Seattle. Hope this helps…

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