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    When riding regular snowboard I like to change a bindings set up some times, if I make my split using Voile DIY it is possible to do so? or it is for ever one set up only? are they different poks/plates?
    are all types of bindings working with this Voile DIY system?I like to use my old burton costom
    thanks ziby

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    Hey Ziby!

    The DIY kit comes with plates to attach any binding to which then in turn slide onto the pucks on your split.

    They’ll let you swap out different bindings whenever you fancy…..


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    If you want to adjust your stance after doing a DIY there are some pics here that show the inserts required

    This shows with the pucks

    This is the only way but you must have all the holes with inserts.

    Good luck

    Adam West

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    Assuming you used the DIY Saw Your Old Board Kit and normal solid-board bindings, with a little math, you can just rotate the disk at the bottom of the binder and reattach the binding to the slider plate and get any foot angle you want.

    To adjust stance distance, a la firstlight, you’ll need to switch out the rectangular pucks for the Universal Pucks.
    Drilling more inserts is the only way to change stance distance. Sorry bub.
    Let us know how it goes?

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    Thank you everybody for help!

    Could I then install bought pucks on 90 degree angle and adjust the binding angle only by rotating the bindings plate??

    or is better if all binding is resting on the sliding plate?


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    Not entirely sure if I’m clear about what’s going on. If you are talking about rotating your bindings on the slider plates, so the binding is not parallel with the plate, touring would be a real challenge. Or you would have to get out the screwdriver and re-affix your angles at each transition….

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