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    Hello all…I have been an off and on lurker here for a long time…thought it about time I sign up and say hello.

    I am a southern alberta boy, I have been on a snowboard since the late 80’s….a lot of that time, especially in the early days was spent in the back country. My first board was a home made board built in shop class and sessioned hard at the local golf course lol…I can recall when going to the local ski hill required me passing a skills test that showed i could turn both ways and stop…and of course had a leash lol. I have always gravitated back towards the back country though, for many of the same reasons as everyone else on here i imagine. I have always been either a boot packer or on snowshoes, but I hope to transition (pun intended) to a splitboard this year and take it to a new level.I have worked in the outdoor/adventure industry for most of my life and currently rep for a motorsports/outdoor clothing company.

    well that is a little about me,glad to be here. love learning from all those out there…new and seasoned.



    PS. I will be posting a few items in the buy and sell area today looking for some trades…..check it out if you are interested!!

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