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    It is worth to make a effort to install a steel edge to the fresh cut halfs?
    Do any body can tall me what tools I use to make a cut to slot the edge in, if some one can please send a link to video or send siply drawing.
    Thank you Ziby

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    For spring riding its nice. I dnt know if it dose a whole lot more, a crampon would be much better. Use a Dremel the small tiny cut of discs that break all the time and a craft knife. It Takes alot more time.

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    dremel sells a diamond blade that works nice. Cut out the layer of glass between the base and core, to the depth of the edge “fingers” multiple shallow cuts worked the best and kept the temp down, then take the edge width of base out. Gflex and clamp, then fashion your side wall.

    helps a little when side stepping. Helps a lot to protect the inside base and sidewall when skinning through less than desirable conditions such as low snow with rock underneath.

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    the most helpful stuff i’ve seen online so far has been from this guy, who’s posted his two DIY projects with edges.

    His 1st try:

    2nd try:

    I think he used a mat cutter to take away the base material at an angle along the cut edge and then used a dremmel to route out a channel from the core for the new edges to fit into. It also looks like to epoxied the cut base material back on after trimming rather than using a base welding gun to put in new base. He also left the wood core exposed and epoxied/coated rather than taking that out for a p-tex or fiberglass sidewall above the edge. I don’t know if DIYers have done the p-tex above a self installed edge, or just as the sidewall instead of an edge for durability/dampening but DTM Custom Splitboards add the fiberglass compound and their work looks impressive from their website.

    I want to try this also, but am thinking of doing a 1/2 length edge, since it’s for traversing only and I would guess that you’d get enough grip on your uphill ski from a metal edge that goes from pucks to pucks (since your downhill ski has most of your weight, and the full original sidecut edge)

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    Thanks man!
    I saw his job, is very radical, i don’t like to remove that much, I think I go for router the base to make it flush with a steel, and cut the chanel inside with Dremel, hope I get it straight, glue it in with epoxy.


    I think a steel inside edge is very helpful in icy conditions. Don’t think you will only skin in the deepest of powder because there is always ice at the top. The inside edge will make your board halves very durable.
    Take a look at my project. hope it will help you out some more on your split.
    I went with the full length edge. I know that there is the weight issue but when you skin the 2 skies get hit quite a lot on rocks and wood. It will be a shame not to protect your split and all the work you put in! I also used a dremel with a small diamond disk like this:
    This cuts well in the fiberglass layer where the flange of the steel edge goes into the ski. Wear gloves, eye protection and a good mask. do it in the open air if possible.

    By far the hardest think about doing this is cutting a 2X2 mm corner in the skies to get the edge to fit in them. I’ve done this with a tool like this but i couldn’t get it perfect as the board is not straight. good enough for fist project though! good luck with yours!

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    I did it on my Dupraz.
    It works well

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