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    There has been some scuttlebutt around JHole all winter that local ski maker Igneous is going to make splitboards. Well I believe this is going to come true.If you aren’t familiar with their boards should check out their site. They build custom boards with beautiful all wood top sheets. They are the boards to get all Pavlov’s dogs over. Any of you who are concerned about not getting the ride you desire from what is available on the market this would be your chance.More when I know more.

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    Well that certainly would be cool!

    Iggy’s are dope skis.

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    New website is up. If their boards are anything like their skis, they’ll be awesome with a damp all wood feel that can and will humble you. 8) 😳

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    Heavy hits on this one…looks pretty nice!!

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    I am definitly getting one, I’ve been waiting for this quite some time, the problem is just getting 1…..

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    …and the cash. I’m saving and preping my wife though.

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    yeah… I know its in the ballpark of 1 grand, anyone have a better estimate?

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    I sent them an email and got a rough estimate of $1200.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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