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    affix snow
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    Issues i forsee with Jay….

    -Big Jay can get tracked out/crowded…QUICK…then where do you go? Not TOO many options.
    -Rando Race is there….too many people/parking/space to set-up for potential sponsers/confusion
    -Really far north…trouble for people further south.
    -Less options for Lodging due to rando rally/weekenders…..

    Especially w/ the East, things can get trakced out/beat up WAY faster…thus a weekend when there wasnt anything else going on would be best. A venue such as the Mansfield area would offer way more options to go for different levels of riders/desires or riders. Burlington is Close. Etc. Etc. Etc.

    Dont get me wrong, i LOVE JAY, but i just see it being a problem on that weekend…..

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    Awesome. this is exactly what we need: Feedback. Okay, so I will officially put Mansfield BACK on the table. 🙂 I’m trying to get more info on the area (I’ve never done any VT backcountry, so I’m flying a little blind…) so please PM me if you’ve got experience/can make recomendations.


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    Shep (and all EC’ers)

    I gotta agree that Jay will be mobbed if there is a rando race going on. The place really ain’t that big. And it’s far, even from Boston.

    Mt. Mansfield is a solid option because of the number of BC trails around there – I can think of Teardrop and Steeple off the top of my head – but Stowe gets crowded and tracked out pretty quickly, too.

    Another option to consider is the Gulf of Slides at Mt. Washington. Yes, the weather is, uh, mercurial, but the available terrain is certainly better than we’ll find in the woods adjacent to a major ski resort. Thoughts?

    I have zero industry contacts, so I don’t know what the chances are or the procedure is to get any manufacturers to show up.

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    i’m cool with whatever, the points above are valid. the jay backcountry is super fun, but it’s a HAUL, and with the rando race there…

    plus, stowe has the SHED for yummy burgers and fresh beer after hiking all day. 🙂

    i think burton has a relationship with stowe, so maybe having it there would make them more likely to show up. maybe.

    and like i’ve said to shepster, i know someone who runs a ski dorm up there- maybe we can grab that for the weekend.

    it’ll be fun no matter where it is! i can’t wait!

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    Should we bump this thread…

    IF we want to organise something on the EC for next year, Jay is a safe bet if you aim at late Feb and early March for reliable snow. Early Feb is most of the time pretty dry… and sometimes not deep enough…

    I don’t mind if it’s held at Jay… And there is good backcountry spots aroudn… but are we willing to share? Or just head to Stowe where most of the stuff is known and accessible?

    affix snow
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    Jay is good. We got plenty of time to plan now….

    Im game.

    Ill bring some beer.

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    Hek! We’ll get the Jay brewery or Trout river brewery to sponsor the event!

    I’M in also! Jay is probably open for an event. They’re always open for events! I can contact them… I know them… We can also get a local backcountry shop as a sponsor aka First Trax. They sell Burton… so might as well contact them!

    So potential sponsors:
    – Jay Peak
    – Burton
    – First Trax
    – Trout River Brewery
    – – We should get a few t-shirts! lol!
    – BC Magazine (added)

    I can contact the organiser of the Jay Challenge, he might be able to give me some pointers and contacts… We’ll see!

    affix snow
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    Let me know if i can help.

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    I don’t know what level we will get as far as sponsorship (money vs. product vs. knowledge) but I can say that the guys at BCMag were very cool when I contacted them earlier this season, so we should definitely keep them on the list. The only challenge with Jay is accessability, but then again, I’d rather drive further for good snow than drive less for tracked-out, blah runs.

    Hopefully after this weekend I’ll have some more helpful info to add.


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    totally in like flynn and totally willing to help.

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    Backcountry Magazine will be up at Jay this weekend testing boards, good chance to chat them up. I’ll also be there if anyone else wants to talk about setting it up for next year.


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    i still think stowe’s the spot.

    informal demo tours out of ranch valley and/or matterhorn’s lot and guided tours up to the bruce or steeple, or over to nosedive or teardrop and back through devil’s dishpan.

    still, agree that it MUST be a mid to late feb event date for snow and event sake.

    guess we’re looking at the 2008 season at this point…

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    If you’re the guide around Stowe, i don’t mind!

    Check the snow stake data for Mansfield… The most snow always pille’s up in late Feb, early March… Early Feb is usually pretty dry…

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    off subject for a sec…

    one thing to remember about the stake on mansfield is that it sits on a predominant lee slope, east of the actual ridgeline. therefore, it tends to collect alot of wind blown snow coming up and over from underhill via west/northwest winds.

    SO, the stake snow total is always a bit higher than the actual average bc snowpack totals are on and around mansfield. when there’s 80 at the stake, i’d say the bc is typcially looking at 55-60″ in general. keep this in mind.

    then again, this is just my personal opinion.

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    hey big jay –

    we’ll be in steamboat next season, so won’t be around to catch up.

    maybe we’ll see you at rabbit ear’s??

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    Yes and Everyone should be invited. Can’t figure out how else to answer the poll.

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    I would like to say that here at the Thrillheadquarters we are psyched about the EC split therapy. Since we are the only video production company making split specific movies, it only makes sense for us to travel across the Mississippi to the East Side of things. I think it would be great to spend some time filming the east coast core schralping pow for our 3rd feature film. I can get all of my sponsors involved for the event with plenty of swag to hand out. We would also like to show our 2nd release “Return to Schralptown” during the festivities. We will be showing “RTS” this fall across the East and would like to see all the splitters come out and join us for it and meet like minded boarders. Our shows could be a good place to start spreading the word for the East Coast Split Therepy and start getting the buzz going for it. Whoever is taking up this venture please contact me and we can go into this further.


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    Kick ASS!!!

    Ikkin and I were lucky enough to meet the awesome BCmag crew this past year, in addition to spending time with a few other members. I think we can go into this year full guns blazing. My thought is that the Mansfield area is the best bet, due to the proximity to awesome terrain, awesome companies, and awesome awesomeness.

    Random idea:

    A whole weekend: Friday night late happy hour. This gives people a chance to hookup for informal tours the next day.

    Saturday Day: people meet up for touring

    Saturday night: Show Return to Schralptown, meet and greet w’ sponsoring companies

    Sunday Day: More informal touring

    Uhh, whaddya think?

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    I love the idea. Mansfield probably has to be the spot considering all the terrain and accommodations in the area. And making it a two-day event gives people a chance to get there. Stowe can be a hell of a ride on a Friday night after work in Boston (never mind NYC).

    Moreover, I like the way you’re thinking. It’s nearly July. It’s hot as Hades here. Thanks to this Bermuda high, there are no waves anywhere from Rye to Newport. So, let’s talk about winter!

    Count me in.


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    yep, yep. i’m in. stowe sounds great. anyone connected…to anything? 🙂 we should get moving on this…

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