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    i have the 32 ultralights and have gotten a small rip in the shell. does anyone have suggestions for something to glue it back down to the inner shell? pereferably something water proof and flexible while cold. how about a rubber coating to cover the toe with to protect it from wear? is there such a product? where would i find it?

    thanks in advance.

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    Shoe goo might fix it. skateboarders put it on their shoes to make them last longer…

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    first thought was shoe goo.

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    buy one of those gore tex patch kits and slap it on there. They come with pretty large pieces and they’re cheap.

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    Another vote for shoe-goo, it even works on leather gloves 😆

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    I have experienced better performance from FreeSole vs. ShoeGoo. YMMV

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    polyurethane construction adhesive (available in big tubes $8-10 you should be able to find it in a few colors) is pretty much the best that I’ve used that is flexible and doesn’t let go for a long time.

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    +1 on freesole over shooo gooo
    but if ya chek out a skate shop…. ummm hockey shop not skateboard, they mite have some ‘toe pro’ its nasty stuff but super durable and just a bit flexible, made for repairing hockey skates

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    thanks for the tips guys.

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    Shoe Goo looses plasticity in the cold and will cease bonding to the boots.

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    that was my second thought.

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