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    It is Monday, the snow is Wasangelas was not as great as weeks past, and I have a rash, so here we go…………
    Most of us on here are gear geeks, but it seems like we are not quite getting the ideal split specific gear some of us want. Why is this?

    I have had a lot of discussions about this with friends in the industry as well as friends I tour with. The common theme of all these discussions is that we, the backcountry or “coreâ€

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    1. We are cheap. We don’t pay retail, a lot of us don’t anyway, we buy closeout, brodeal or SAC.
    2. We are hard on gear. If you go out 2-3 days a week all winter your BC gear gets ripped, cut, broken, stained (usually poo on mine). Then we send it in and expect them to warranty it, every spring.
    3. We expect our gear to last 5 or more seasons. Buying new gear every fall is not something we prefer to do. We are less about “style and steezeâ€
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    I wouldn’t worry, backcountry snowboarding will get more and more popular, look at the big names and films starting to avoid helis and sled-only access, there is a sense that resorts are pretty much just for the park and other than that they’re lame even in mainstream snowboarding culture it seems.

    Even the mainstream clothing is starting to slowly turn around to having functionality=cool. I think snowboarding can mature properly (and no I don’t think that this means freeride>freestyle) I think it just means there will be more money in proper backcountry stuff

    Unfortunately there’s no easily accessible way to get into backcountry. I think we need semi resort/bc areas like cross country ski areas, where you pay 5$, there are set skin tracks and controlled avy conditions, about 1/10th the amount of people use it compared to a resort, but 10 times more than an average roadside backcountry spot. That would be good.

    that being said we need an avy-release!

    Unruly Baker
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    @lewmt wrote:

    4. We’re notorius whiners & snivellers about every minute detail…& proudly broadcast our snivels to anyone who’ll listen …. who wouldn’t want to market to that? 🙄

    Touche’ 😳


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    as someone who worked for a company that went belly up spending a ton of cash on R&D and selling small volumes of a product……i would have to agree with you UB.

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    Burton is trying to brainwash little kids these days that Jake invented snowboarding. They compare him to Edison, Alexander Graham Bell and a bunch of other historic inventors.

    Is it ironic that the 2 inventors he is compared to are also suspected of not having invented the item for which they are famous?

    <a wrote:
    Edison did not invent the first electric light bulb, but instead invented the first commercially practical incandescent light. Several designs had already been developed by earlier inventors including the patent he purchased from Henry Woodward and Mathew Evans, Moses G. Farmer,[19] Joseph Swan, James Bowman Lindsay, William E. Sawyer, Sir Humphry Davy, and Heinrich Göbel.
    <a wrote:
    Although Bell was accused, and is still accused, of stealing the telephone from Gray,[23] Bell used Gray’s water transmitter design only as a proof of concept scientific experiment to prove to his own satisfaction that clear human voice sounds could be electrically transmitted. After that, Bell focused on improving the electromagnetic telephone.
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    I’m a normal non-insider working stiff that divides his precious weekends and other time off between BC, resort riding with non-BC inclined pals, biking with a non-skiing wife, and miscellaneous tinkering around the new house. I also try to buck mindless consumerism when I can.

    As such, all of my purchases are researched for a fair amount of time since I pay full retail and expect my stuff to last a long time. New stuff every season?!? I wouldn’t dream of it. Because there are others like me, and because splitboarders are a very small portion of the relatively small BC market, I don’t expect split specific gear and innovations to come around very often. I’m surprised by what we do have now.

    I think split users are also a bit older and more experienced than your average park rat and we’re harder to market to since we try harder to see beyond the hype, usually.

    As for the magazine, I find it ironic that such an advertisement is FOR SALE at Amazon etc. Kinda like paying for stickers or t-shirts emblazened with a company logo. The “who invented the sport” game has been going on for years in mountain biking circles and I suspect other places too. I’m not going to lose any sleep over it.

    If I had a kid I would use the comic as a tool and opportunity to educate them on how they are targetted by marketers and how not everything you read is completely true.

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    In my opinion splitboarding becoming mainstream or popular is not a good thing. I know some believe it’s popularity will improve the gear and progress the sport. To a degree I approach splitboarding as a sport in that I enjoy the athleticism it takes and spend days working out to improve that area. But splitboarding is so much more than a sport, for most of us it is an art form and lifestyle. There is so much beauty in a nicely placed up track and a nicely placed down track and you can not find a better canvas than mountains. The Utah BC has such a unique culture in the eccentric individuals that ski these mountains and some of the guys putting down the sick lines are not doing it on the latest gear. I think this is my seventh season since I dedicated myself to purely riding backcountry on a split, not long but even I can see changes and I don’t feel they are necessarily good.

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    I don’t think it will ever become too popular — most people are too lazy. Take a look around at all the fatties.

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