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    I’ve got a chance to get some used dynafit tlt5’s or possibly the DYNA race too. They both have that active flex zone shown here where the shell forefoot has these slits along the sides to allow more flex:

    Does this make it harder or trickier to stretch the forefoot wider?

    From what i understand, the tlt5 is pretty narrow throughout. I tried on mercuries a while back and it it’s anything like that, i’d definitely consider it narrow for my feet.

    I got weird dimensions. My bigger right foot is ~ 103-104mm wide in the forefoot, but very narrow in the heel/ankles.

    I don’t want to just find a wider last boot because 1)my left foot feels like it’s 2mm narrower than the right and 2) i need the heel area to be narrow.

    I know people have done punches on these things but can you really take it all the way to 104mm? Can you treat them like plug boots?

    I found this mod where the forefoot width is widened through heating and clamping the front with a tennis ball inside. How much width can you get out of this?:…mods-continue/

    Here’s another one. I wonder if this mod would work (bottom of page) to get it stretched more uniformly:…-dynafit-tlt6/

    Also is there any difference in women’s boot shells for dynafits? I heard the heel area on women’s lasts are narrower.

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    By the way, looking at that mod where they heat up and clamp down on the toe area, has anyone ever tried tried to make the heel narrower by heating and clamping the back area?

    Or just by punching the heel in certain areas?

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    My TLT5s have been made approx. 5-7mm wider in the area of the forefoot.
    Bootfitter said, he also once punched TLT5s out even 10-15mm…

    However, this guy really knows what he’s doing. Had my boots there for several days to let the material “learn” its new shape over a longer time.
    Don’t know in detail, how he did it.

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    My local boot fitter didn’t feel comfortable punching TLT5s out far enough to fit my foot but I think the right fitter could have done it. I dug into info on the women’s boot for my fiancé and found out that the last is the same but the cuff on the women’s boot is grilamid instead of either pebax on the mountain version or carbon on the performance version of the men’s boot. That means that they sit in the middle of the 2 mens boots in terms of stiffness. I’d stick with the men’s mountain version.

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