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    We have a lot of new members joining our little community, so to make it easier for them to contribute their own stoke, here’s a short little how-to about posting pictures to I know there’s a few older threads out there on this, but we plan to make this a sticky so it should always be at the top of the “Trip Reports” subforum.

    So, I present to you: How to post images for use in trip reports and other threads.

    1. Upload your picture somewhere on the web. If you have your own website or domain name, feel free to use that, but photohosting sites such as Flickr work great. (I use Flickr and recommend it. Like most sites, it’s free to start, or you can upgrade your account for something like $20 per year. The free account let’s you upload up to 200mb per month which seems pretty sufficient for most users).

    Photo Websites to consider:
    Big Lines

    2. When writing your TR or posting a picture, you will need to know the URL to the picture. This can be found by right clicking on a picture and choosing properties, then copy and paste the url.

    Example from my Flickr page and a photo from climbing Mt Stuart:
    Go here to see the picture:
    The pictures URL is then:

    3. In the body of your TR/post, use the html IMG tags to surround the URL for your image. It should look like:

    Using the above picture, you can post it in a thread with:
    [ img][/img]
    (*Note: there is a space between the ‘ tag so that the command is shown, remove that space in your post*)

    When you’re done, it should look like this:

    4. People generally prefer captions above the pictures (OCD, anyone?), but that’s up to you.

    5. Please don’t use the attachment feature as was not designed to be a hosting service and can’t support a large number of photos in the long term.

    If you have any questions or suggestions on how to improve this how-to, please let me know.

    BCR, do you want to add a post with how to post/embed a video?

    Thanks all.

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    To add video click on one of these buttons, the one you choose will be dependent on which video provider is hosting the video you’re looking to embed. I’m using Youtube in this example.

    Clicking on the YT button will bring up code that says

    Place the YT ID between those funny lines of jibberish. The Youtube ID can be seen in the screenshot below.

    Throw that code between the] and [/you…, add a few witty comments, throw in a couple :thatrocks: :thatrocks: , click post and you’re done!

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    I would like to steer folks toward Flickr as well. in this increased time of “lost productivity” at the workplace many of us are unable to view photobucket hosted pics. Same story for YouTube, Vimeo is a great YouTube alternative.

    Thanks for starting this thread kjkrow.

    Now all we need is the snow!


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    Thanks for taking the time to create this kjkrow! :thatrocks:

    You too bigdood. We can add to and edit changes to the thread as needed too.

    Thanks again.

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    “People generally prefer captions above the pictures (OCD, anyone?), but that’s up to you.”

    Kjkrow – you are so thoughtful, but you should not give people the option. You should always put captions above the picture.

    Sizing photos is very important too. :thumpsup:

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    “I miss Mumbles”

    Funniest thing I’ve read this morning.

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    Can’t seem to figure out how to post videos from Flickr.

    When I go to step 3, it says to copy and paste the HTML –


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    @jibmaster wrote:

    Can’t seem to figure out how to post videos from Flickr.

    Jib, judging by the tags available when you’re writing a post, I’m not sure the phpBB that we have can support Flickr videos for embedding. The only video tags I see are for googlevid, vimeo, and youtube. Of those, I think Vimeo probably offers the highest quality after uploading (though I think they have a file size limit). Youtube might be the easiest, and I’ve never used google videos.

    Does that help?

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    Hmm. I am rather computer challenged, but I’ve got this video up on google, vimeo and flickr. For some reason, youtube won’t allow me to register. Not the best videos, but now that I’ve got this new camera, it’s gonna be nice to embed some vids to my TR’s. I’ll figure it out.

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    Picture size question. Which hosting sites allow for the largest pictures. I see pictures of various sizes. Some fill half the screen others fill the whole screen. Flickr gave me a tiny photo or a small photo. I use shutterfly and it gives me a medium photo. How do you get photos that take up the whole page? They are so much more impressive.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I use Photbucket gravitgod. I pay for the premium membership, so ymmv, but it allows you to upload whatever size your original pics are AND determine what size to scale them too.

    I’d suggest you don’t go bigger then 1064×768 though, as that seems to annoy some people (browser/sizing/resolution issues).

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    So I have seen this asked a dozen times and have corrected a few vimeo embeds over the past few months so I guess it’s time to clarify this in the proper thread.

    After clicking on the vimeo button and inserting your vimeo link, there is one step that must be done or the only thing that gets posted is the link instead of embedding the video on the site.

    directly after http:// and before the remaining part of the address “”… You must insert “www.

    don’t know if this is something that can be added to the html code or something we all just have to get used to.

    Hope this helps :thumpsup:

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    Timely thread resurrection.
    I just spent over an hour uploading a vid to flickr only to discover I can’t embed it here :banghead:
    I noticed that under options lower left of the posting window it says flash is off but in my control panel the display flash option is on :scratch:
    Maybe the admin has to turn this on to embed flash based vids???

    Calgary split
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    There has to be an easier way, Ive been f#@$in with this for an hour now on a different thread and i wont work for me maybe because im on a mac, Someone please tell me what looks wrong here?]

    and why it wont show up?

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    You close with [/img]. Fixed it in your other thread

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    anyone know if we can link to facebook photos?

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    yup, just right click and copy image URL with Google chrome, or right click and go to properties with IE and copy the URL manually. Quote my reply to see the code.

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    How to embed videos from Contour Story Teller?

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    I have a blog and really enjoy posting the content in its entirety on here as well, as a TR. However, I upload higher-res photos to my blog than I would here for obvious reasons and I really want to know if there’s an easier way to cross-post them at a lower resolution. Is there some kind of code or something that will allow for that? Or I guess more specifically: Can you specify the height and width of a photo in the image code when you’re building the TR?

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    Wordpress is your friend as it creates your images at different sizes. Take the shot of devils tower as an example. If you use the URL for the post image (the smaller image before the jump to the full-res image), you can simply put that up … no extra work required!

    Which displays:

    As you can see, the image size is displayed in the URL. This doesn’t resize the full-res image but points to the smaller one stored on the wordpress servers.

    [update]: You can take this one step further and link to the large image the same way the blog does.

    This will load the smaller image in the forum and clicking it will load the large image on your wordpress site.

    Hope this helps!

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