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    Hi all- new splitboarder in Switzerland here!

    I just got a Jones Hovercraft, and whilst it seemed to perform great on the snow on its first outing, I’m just wondering if it’s normal for there to be a little gap down the middle when the board is together via the clips and bindings??

    With mine in ride mode, I noticed it’s not totally flush tight together- you can see in the attached photo where I put the board in front of a window so you can see the light coming through. Would you say this is normal? Do your splits do the same????

    cheers for any input!

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    Totally normal, I’ve never seen a board with no light showing through the cut, factory or DIY. As for the end, you can adjust the pucks to eliminate that.

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    @b-p wrote:

    Totally normal, I’ve never seen a board with no light showing through the cut, factory or DIY. As for the end, you can adjust the pucks to eliminate that.

    Seriously? Neither of mine have any gap, one of which is a Jones board.

    But as indicated likely it’s not going to inhibit performance with proper adjustment. Or, if it bothers the OP substantially…buy a Venture :rock:


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    Thanks for your views guys… the jury is still out then! Anyone else got a Jones and any light coming thru / small gap?

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    My Solution has no gap, but I have seen some Jones boards with huge gaps- way bigger than yours. That pic you posted doesn’t look bad at all. I would call that a ‘standard Burton splitboard gap’.

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    @ pow hunter

    littel gap but no correct on this place.
    your board had a other problem….. look on your foto

    the nose is not in the same highet, the nose hook ( rivets) stand not in a line.

    is the gap more, in clip open position (the karakorams) . When the clips no correct ajust the pull the board pices up. like a V.

    look at the top shead for marks the say we are a twins, some times the base laser gives ( upper belt) the answere.
    you are the first owner of the boad? and you never scratch the inneredges ?
    re mount all pices from your board, and look what gab it is when the boads is on a plan floor. after this mounted all pucks, correct. the nose and tail must stay in 0 – no under ore overlapping.

    i hope you can follow me words – bURTON

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    Hi Burton- thanks for the reply: do you mean the same thing as in this post? viewtopic.php?f=9&t=14616

    The alignment length-wise of mine seems to change slightly when I put on the Spark bindings (maybe something to do with puck alignment?), but it seems only to be 1mm or 2mm maximum out of line. Is that a problem?

    Yes the board is brand new with no scratched edges…….

    It’s hard for me to check my setup as I basically have nothing to compare it to :(, for example no friends with splitboards yet etc etc


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    Your Problem is not a K.O point for riding – but not prety.
    only this quastio is open:

    is the gap more, in clip open position (the karakorams) . When the clips no correct ajust the pull the board pices up. like a V.


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    How tight should your split be? tight enough together so that that both halves start out in the same direction and end up in the same place :thumpsup: the rest is cosmetics really and is apparently the norm for some brands as shown on this forum. one edge being higher than the other is more problematic and can cause some occasional hangups/faceplants on refrozen exit trails but still not a big deal. If you want it to look perfect I think you need to buy a venture or a never summer from what’s been written here

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    sorry scooby

    the board is new and coast some money…. and it is not a no name brand… realy to say it is only by premium boards all perfect is wrong.
    but to say its not prety but it works – its right.


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    @burton It seems to be the same whether the clips are open or closed. So the clips seem to be aligned ok

    Thanks Scooby for your comments- my conclusion so far is that I’ve ridden the board now for 2 days (mostly freeriding, but also a short hike in split mode) and the board has performed really well. At the end of the day, I cant notice that it’s a ‘split’ vs a normal board, and although on the icy pistes I used to reach the off-piste areas it didnt feel quite as grippy & stable as my Libtech snowboard, I also wouldnt expect this.

    I guess as it’s my 1st split, I’m maybe over-analysing every new bit of it. But performance is what matters, and so far has been well within my hopes.

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    I agree with you burton, and that is exactly my point, that I wouldn’t want to pay full retail price for a mis-aligned board. You’d think that they would line up a left and right half and grind the tip and tails even just for aesthetics. If I got it a few hundred bucks cheaper in Spring, I would not think twice about it.

    I think the splits that are made as a solid, then cut and assembled as splits instead of made as separate skis are a more high quality product and worth the higher price.

    Pow Hunter, If the front of your board makes a slight v when laying down flat and the tip is really tight, you might be able to bring the two halves together by filing one of the inside edges down at the tip just a bit. If the halves are not really tight where they meet, I wouldn’t mess with it.

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