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    Nat and I went up to Horse Creek pass between Matterhorn and Twin Peaks on Saturday.

    Snow line starts about here. First good look.

    I was tempted to keep a little traverse but soon found that too much snow had melted off the west facing slope so we ended up staying close to the bottom the whole route up Horse Creek.

    It was a nice morning, but new it was getting warm.

    Too many lines to choose.

    We ended up going up to the Horse Creek saddle. I trudged ahead of Nat so I could scramble up the backside to the upper chute.

    Nat started seeing rocks and a wet slide coming down a thin, south facing chute. Now she’s waiting on me and ready to go. (corn bomb) 😯

    It took a while to get to the entry, but the pay off was goooood. Entry was a little sketch with a melting and splitting cornice. The left entry was thin snow on slick rock, and the right entry was a little icy and the steepest pitch. Right entry it is (and it was toe side).

    I’m an ant.

    Nat on the way down. Thanks for taking the pics, nat.

    The lower snowfield was good corn, but we did notice some skier produced wet slides coming down from Matterhorn/Sawtooth through the lower chute and on the adjacent snowfield.

    Getting out was tough for these snowboarders. With several transfers of board on back, board on feet – repeat a few times, use your poles and milk it to the trail.

    Lots of melting and great waterfalls.

    Hiked up Robinson Creek on Sunday for some sightseeing with hardly anybody out and a nice chat with Yeti and wilderness ranger for the lowdown on the area.

    Easy drive through the valley and a spectacular weekend in the bag. 8)

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    Nice PJ. Did the Robinson Creek approaches seem utterly brutal without snow? And how does one go about speaking to a Yeti?

    Here are a couple of shots of another splitboarder in the same great lines off of Horse Creek Peak from last Spring (looks like you had a bit more of a cornice to deal with):

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    Yeah, with snow level about 1,000 feet up from the lake, the other approaches seemed hard with a good amount of bush wacking. I guess there are unmarked trails up the other drainages, but we didn’t want to press our luck. Up Robinson Creek, we took the trail and got great views up Little Slide and Blacksmith.

    Found good places to camp next winter/spring.

    I wish I would have rode that line in powder. 😥 But it was still sweet.

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    Nice pics PJ! 8)

    You can tell in your pics that you slayed that corn! :mrgreen:

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