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    i figured i should add a little montana stoke…

    Since picking up splitboarding, I have spent my most of my April months traveling back to my home town, Augusta, on the Rocky Mtn Front Range. The snowpack always seems to be a little sketchy until spring anyways.
    There is some great terrain that has probably never seen a ski or board. Only cowboys ’round here!

    Now 8 months out of acl/knee repair, with my legs finally getting up to par, I made it into a new area i have been looking at all year on paper. I ended up car camping there for two days this past week, as it ended up containing a pretty unreal playground just 1.5 hrs from the car. 0 people, 2 bobcats, a moose, and the usual pheasant scare (almost always soiling my drawers).

    2 solo days, over 21K up and down, 15.5 miles (thanks to whomever mentioned!), and (most importantly) minimal knee swelling!

    I apologize for the crappy iphone photos, filters and all. One day I will invest in a real camera.

    Over 2′ has fallen here in the past 4 days… and it seems to be staying cold and stable.
    As always, a great time to be in Montana.

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    Very cool. Nice to see photos from your neck of the woods. Nice shots, esp. of the forest!

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    Nice acopa. Not sure which peaks you’re riding there but I did a 2 day trip to Caribou Pk 4 years ago. Phenomenal Bowl and vertical potential there but my trip got throttled down by a shallow pure-facet snowpack. Also, I couldn’t find anyone to go with and its just not solo terrain if its not in perfect form avy wise. I’d love to go back. Has a very beary feel back in there. I couldn’t find another soul who’d ever ridden it or knew of any others that had. You’re right – the front has all manner of 1st descents in it. Cowboys & summer hikers….winter is wide open.

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    thx guys.

    lewmt, Caribou peak is actually fairly close to where I grew up (up the Dearborn canyon, between Steamboat and Twin Buttes).
    Did you access that through Augusta or Lincoln, and at what time during the winter/spring? Unfortunately, the lack of early winter precipitation usually sets up that shallow facety snowpack you mention. If you ever want to make that tour again, you have got a partner!

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