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    The Utah Avalanche Center is applying for a competitive grant to fund a major project to help unify our website, email, SMS, and social media alerts and create an open source platform that could be used by any avalanche center. This could lead to more ways to get the advisories, an easier-to-use website, and more consistent websites and information state-to-state. We need your ideas and your support – check out the link and spread this among your friends.

    How you can help: Go to for very short description of the project. Click on the “Like” button at the bottom. Add a comment, question, or suggestion in the box below (Where it says “Add a comment. Click on “Post as” to add your comment and it will ask you for an email address and a name)

    Super simple. Part of the contest criteria is the amount of community interest and discussion this starts, so when you Like or Comment on this, you add a vote for funding this project. We need you to weigh in in the next week – don’t just assume someone else will do it. Tell your friends and post this anywhere else you think it would be useful.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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