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    I have an old school Burton split setup – with the old crimp style binding plate mounts. I pulled my board out to tune it up for the season and noticed that the plate is cracked and bent near the pin and its about to break. [Probably my buddy Rich – fat ass! :nononno:] Anyway I was wondering if anyone might have a plate you’d be willing to part with. I need the one with the lever on the left.

    As a side note, I have a couple extra plastic tab pieces that mount to the lever for the plate which I need. But I don’t have any for the other side (lever on the right) – I could use one if anyone happens to have it.

    Thanks for keeping me riding!

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    Get a hold of “Firstlight” he may be able to hook you up with conversion parts to use the Voile pieces.

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    Check them out here


    Adam West

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