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    G’day to all, I’m fairly new to snowboarding, having come from backcountry skiing to the dark side and now I’m looking to buy a splitboard for next season.

    I don’t know much about boards, and only have experience on a dozen or so rental boards, plus two days on a Nitro Slash in fresh deep pow, so I’m having trouble making a descion based on what I can research and what I feel.

    What I’m having trouble deciding is what kind of board I want as a split. I see that many splits are somewhat like all mountain type boards, rather than powder orientated boards.

    The thing is, that when I head out for a day in the back country I tend to aim for the best snow. It’s never all deep pow, but it’s not often the kind of snow I think would need a board designed to handle compromised conditions, and even then, some powder orientated boards have a reputation for handleing nasty conditions and groomed runs very well.

    The board I am most attracted to is the Jones hovercraft, which seems to have a good reputation as a versatile pow stick, also the Trapper boards are appealing, Venture Storm too. But I can also get a Never Summer Summit at a good price, and a few others are appealing to me. The Mellow Magne traction on the Jones seems like a bit of a bonus, but I’ve never even tried the Lib Tech magnetraction so maybe I wouldn’t like it.

    The board I want doesn’t need to be super versatile, just enough so that when I need to mix it up it will let me, and for the rest of the time it will let me rip in deep powder.

    Does anyone have any suggestions?

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    Out of your proposal, I’d say a Venture Storm. It is a great powder board, and perfect for deep days. Pivots well, surfs the mountain, and super stable. I would choose this over a Jones Hovercraft for the fact that Ventures are rock solid, and quality built all the way.

    I personally have not rode the other boards your suggest, but I have a bunch of experience on Venture and I am pumped on their splitboards. Hope that helps.

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    Magnetraction has no benefit to riding pow…its even kinda hooky and takes a bit to get use to it. But after 1 season on it id never go back to a non magnetraction board… and its kinda of difficult to go back to a standard board.

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    …Chris that’s what attracts me to the Hovercraft, it’s a powder board, but maybe it’s the magnetraction that makes it work on ice and groomers.

    The quiver I want to put together is basically a solid board, probably a Lib Tech Lando Pheonix or TRS for the groomers and resort days, and a powder orientated split for the backcountry. For me, the resort/all mountain board is the one that I would consider a quiver board.

    Does that make sense?

    I feel like I am trying to talk myself into the Hovercraft as the best for me, so I want get outside opinions on my logic.

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    another option for a pow oriented board in the same vein as the hovercraft, slash, trout trap, malolo, etc:

    If you are going for a pow board, you’re going to compromise on groomers/chop/variable conditions…. the taper will see to that for you, but it’s worth it if you are out chasing powder!

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    Word is that the Hovercraft Split will come in a 60 next year.

    I got a solid Hover60 this year for a solid pow stick and rode it a grand total of 2 days in resorts (fantastic season, not), but it completely sold me on the shape, flex, sidecut and float. I’m sure I would have been just fine on the Hover56, but my past experiences with the short fish boards keep me riding a little longer.

    I’m seriously considering selling the Hover60 to get a Hover60split as a do it all pow board as most resort days I’m hiking around anyway. Would be good complement to my ST.

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    Thanks for the advice guys, at this point I’m thinking that a custom board from Igneous isn’t going to cost me any more than a Hovercraft will where I live.
    There are so many tempting ideas out there but I will have to start somewhere are a custom board cant’ be a bad place for it.

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