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    I want a lightweight helmet with no insulation so I can wear it when it’s hot and rock it over a beanie when it’s chilly. Am I relegated to a climbing helmet? What do you guys do?

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    Hey spnce. I wear the smith holt. They have a bunch of colors. The insulation minus the ear flaps fits nicely over a beanie. I believe the ear pieces are speaker compatible but can’t remember. I don’t use them. When it’s warm the insulation pops out and you can put in foam pads. This also comes in handy as a spare bike helmet for a friend. The only downside to rocking it with a beanie is that it has popped off my brain after some bad knocks. I also thi k I remember it’s one of smiths lightest helmets.

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    The Red (Burton) HiFi Raw and Trace Raw are without insulation and earflaps and meant to be worn on top of a beanie.,default,pd.html?start=9&cgid=mens-red-protection-helmets

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    you could get a skate helmet

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    I own a Red (Bruton) Trace II. No frills. Just a helmet. Nice price. It’s got stuff I can do to it for when it gets cold.

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    I wear a CAMP Speed helmet for splitting. I am not sure about different goggle compatibility though.


    I’m surprised I didn’t hear Bern in there guys!? Bern makes multi sport helmets with removable liners for when it’s hot but still has a beanie-like liner for chilly days. They are available in fun, cool prints. Also available in a carbon shell for reduced weight, I currently use the Watts, but I previously had the baker, and am looking to pick up a carbon one anytime soon… I wouldn’t use any other helmet than a Bern….Plus it’s always nice to see a small company producing an awesome product.

    Heres the link:
    And for the carbon:
    :thatrocks: :thatrocks: :thatrocks: 😀 :thumpsup:

    I’m sold on these, plus, not sure this matters to you guys but, Jeremy Jones used them in “Deeper”

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