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    Will, is there any chance that you’ll be looking at designing some sort of a heel lock for the Ignitions???

    I only ask because from time to time I need to ski into or out of an area and this can pose an extreme difficulty for someone like myself with shitty ski skills which are greatly exacerbated by free heels. 😆

    Thanks in advance.

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    Hey BGB,
    It’s definitely something I’ve thought about and had people ask for over the last few years. I think some kind of safety release would be required in anything that I’d sell, although I’m paying through the nose for manufacturer’s insurance so I should really release some more dangerous products 😉 . Brg emailed me a while ago on suggestions for rigging one, you might contact him and see what he came up with.

    Here’s a super ghetto rig you could whip up:

    Disclaimer: this is not only ghetto, it’s also potentially dangerous. I don’t suggest anyone actually do this. If you do you’re on your own, so don’t sue me.

    One of the empty puck inserts by the heel end of the bindings in tour mode could be used to mount an eye like part number 3107T41, and some cordage or bungee cord could be attached to it. You could mount some cam cleats part number 34915T42 on the highbacks. When it’s ski time reach down and jam the cord in the cleat and two plank it up. Using a bungee material or not insano strong cordage may help alleviate ankle and calf strain in a fall, but wouldn’t help much in terms of a twisting type fall. Most of my skier friends ride with super high dins anyway, so I’m not sure how necessary a release is, but then again they know how to ski!

    If you rig something let us know how it turns out, ski safe! 🙁

    bones get broke
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    Thanks Will, I’ll start fooling around with some ideas and try to rig something up on my own.

    P.S. I wouldn’t sue anyone execpt in a case of extreme negligence; never merely for a simple suggestion. It’s a shame someone such as yourself has to pay extreme insurance premiums just to protect yourself from litigious people.

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    So what ended up happening with this

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    did anyone do this or anything like this? How did it work? Do you have any pictures? I emailed Spark R&D and all they would say is that something was in the works. I have a trip in a couple of weeks and it sure would be nice to be able to lock the heel down one way or another. thanks in advance and great website! :thumpsup:

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    Yes, most every binder manufacturer has, or will have this next season. Have a look at the the 14-15 new gear thread for photos.

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    @Snurfer wrote:

    Yes, most every binder manufacturer has, or will have this next season. Have a look at the the 14-15 new gear thread for photos.

    Is there anything that I could do to my current spark blaze bindings now since I just bought them along with a set of mr chomps to fit them.

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    Looks like Will had a great idea with the eyelet thing screwed into an empty insert…

    Also, I bought a pair of heel hold down thingys from Rughty a while back for my Sparks, not sure if he’s still making those. Check with him… they work great.

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