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    Hello all! I’m wondering how the hardboot and dynafit set-up work. Do you have to have a full set of dynafit bindings for riding down then just a dynafit toe pieces and risers for going up? And the adaptors are just so you won’t have to make any more holes in the board right? I’d love to see some pictures of your set-ups so I can get a clearer picture of what’s up wit dat! Thanks!

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    Hey Liz..

    toe pieces only mounted on the board. with AT type climbing bars of your choice.

    the binding you carry up in your pack are volie slider plates, with non releasable hard boot bindings.

    I found a couple paris of old burton race plates, but voile, and a few other companies make them. I used teh voiles for a while befoer these.

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    Here are a couple of pictures of my board, that may help clarify your confusion.

    And a close up.

    Hope these help.

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    If you mount the heel of the dynafit binding you have the ability of locking down the heel but more important is 2 lift options that you can adjust with your ski pole and not have to do a yoga pose to engage 🙂

    Above is a link where my self and another have taken the full plunge. :bananas: I have ski’d the system a couple of times and it’s nice to lock the heel for steep side stepping in a pinch, or keeping up with my rondo/tele buddies on yo-yo pitches that do not warrant a full skin-to-board transition.

    Hope this helps too.

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    Dynafits helps improve in skiing and touring. Touring comfort is further improved by using an AT boot that flexes under the ball of the foot. AT boots like the Dynafit TLT-5 (see Barrows’ post on these boots), the Scarpa F3 and the Scarpa F1 race boot.

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    Sweet, thanks guys! It all makes sense now. This will be my goal as soon as I can afford it. Ski patrol isn’t really payin the bills but at least I have some pro deals. Have a great season doods! :rock: It’s dumping!!!!!!

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    Nooo dnt dooo it liz! just kill it in softboots. Do you ride split patrolling?

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    Just a thought really… Soft boots gave me achilles tendonitis last year. I got some new intuition liners and insoles for my soft boots, so hopefully that helps.

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    @chrisNZ wrote:

    Nooo dnt dooo it liz! just kill it in softboots. Do you ride split patrolling?

    don’t listen to this. upgrade to the dyna-split setup and be stoked. so much better for touring. skinning in a rigid bulky snowboard binding is lame not sure why people want to do that :scratch: . the ride down in hardboots is just about as good as in soft boots.

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    Highly recommended. Go for the TLT5 boots, and see the threads on these forums for mod ideas. With a little work you can get these boots to flex as well, or better, than any soft boot.
    Additionally, of course, you will have much better touring performance and climbing performance than any soft set up, and lighter weight.
    Like any boot, you will need to get a good fit to avoid any problems-custom footbeds, and a properly molded liner is key. I hope that you can avoid the tendon issues which you encountered last season, certainly a well set up hard boot system can help.

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    I support the positive comments regarding AT boots for splitting…though my TLT4s (circa 2002) can hardly be classed as a “hard” boot. They are probably softer than my Burton Driver Xs (marginally).

    I have chronic foot problems in soft boots. The top foot pressure needed to keep my heel glued in causes my foot to lose feeling within minutes. Soon after the sharp pain begins…and it’s excruciating.

    The key to comfort with my set up is 4 degrees of canting on each foot, toward the centre of the board. I placed cants between the Voile slider and Bomber splitboard bindings. I first tried this between the Voile puck and the board, but on my first run down a 6mm binding/puck screw broke off in my board. The Plate-Binding placement has been bomber for three years…and will probably last me another 10 or so as long as I am diligent and keeping the bolts tight.

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    I run 2.5 degree inward cants, mostly to offset the opposite cant built into the shaft of the TLT5s. I also run a few MMs of heel lift on the back foot, and find that this gets my rear knee right where it needs to be in a neutral stance.

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