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    I have been splitboarding and following this site for many years and it has certainly been crazy to see all the gear advances. I have rarely posted to the site do to limited time, but I could use some feedback. My latest adventure involved switching to a hard boot setup full time in the backcountry last year. So far I’m extremely pleased with the results. I certainly don’t recommend it for anyone who doesn’t like to do a bit of tinkering, but once I got it dialed in it has payed off. Currently I’m using dynafit TLT5 and voile mtn plate bindings. Being a smaller rider (5’7″, 145 lbs) the voile plate bindings have been good, but I would like to upgrade and drop some weight. One issue I’ve had is with my stance width and set back. I have always ridden with my stance set back and with a stances width of about 20.25″, my front binding does not allow me to mount the dynafit toe piece as far forward as I would like.

    I’m look to upgrade to the Spark Dyno or Phantoms. My questions are:
    1. Phantom Bindings. They appear wider then the voile plates and mount with a twisting motion that seems like it would further interfere with my dynafit toe piece. What do you guys think? Would phantoms work for my setup. I like the idea of being able to use these on my solid board as well.

    2. Spark Dyno’s. I’m wondering how much stiffer side to side the spark dyno’s (with the beefy bomber bails) will be compared to my voile plates. I really like the way my current setup feels and I’m worried the Dyno’s will be too stiff side to side.


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    My wife has a narrow stance and rides AT boots. The Phantoms are a bit wider in the midsection, but because of the way they attach to the board, that does not create additional issues.

    Bindings that slide on to Voile pucks have to slide past the Dynafit toe pieces. I have found the biggest issue is the the binding toe block getting stuck on the Dynafit toe piece.

    The Phantoms rotate onto the board so the toe and heel blocks never get stuck on the Dynafit toe piece.

    They are effectively the same for how close you can get the front binding to the toe piece. Phantom might have a slight edge.

    I expect the Spark Dynos will be quite a bit stiffer than the Voile Mountain plates. They are still on Voile pucks though so will continue to have play in the system. The Phantoms have a decent amount of lateral flex by design.

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    a set of Maurelli or Ranger toe pieces should alleviate that issue.
    I’ve been meaning to fab something like this for a diy on the cheap now that I have some tech boots.

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    My wife and I ride hard boots with a fair short stance and setback. Which is similar to what your are describing. I would not be too concern about dynafit toe-piece and the rear HB heel of the base plate binding coming in contact. As the solution is quite simple. Lift the dynafit toe lever to the lock position and slide the HB boot binding slider track on.

    You just need to have enough clearance between the dynafit toe piece and the Voile puck in tour mode.

    If the stance width is still not working then either tweak the angles or try canted pucks and increase stance with a little. {Note: Last Year, I had some trouble with mounting (screws were the wrong length) for the Voile canted pucks }

    I will let you know about the Dynos in a couple weeks, as to how they ride. (well at least carpet Surfing). Can’t speak for the Phantoms. Wish I could afford them for my wife and I. 😥

    I have ridden Bomber Splitboard bindings and Burton Race Plate bindings and I like Bomber bails a lot more than Burton bails. My wife broke a Burton Race plate toe bail. Note: we still ride Burton Race plates on our resort boards. So expect the same to true for the DH and Phantoms as far as stiffness and durability. Although my Burton’s are pretty durable, just not Bomber; pun intended.

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